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3333 Allen Parkway. Condo built originally for apartments, but like so many condo projects in Houston, they recently turned from lease to own. When they were lease, aprtments went from I belive from around $2000/month to over $10,000 fior the penthouses.

The Renoir Condos. One of the many aprtment buildings built by Randall Davis known for his condos having some architectural theme that has nothing to do with Houston.


Shotguns. I refused to take pics of what was on the other side of the street. Let me just say River Oaks, yes the prestigous River Oaks neighborhood, is one of the most overly gentrified hoods I have ever stepped a foot in.

One of the few true stucco homes left in the city

OK. Let me tell you folks. While you are looking at the next few pics and are probally thinking you are looking at an ordinary shopping Center. I must say this place is a historical landmark. You are lookng at the 2nd oldest shopping Center in the nation. This development was something new because it came after all 200 streetcars were removed from the Houston core in 1936. The center was built in 1937 and is one of Houston’s premier examples of Modern architectural design. In addition, many classic ‘30’s and ‘40’s motifs and materials- rounded corners, “porthole” windows and light fixtures, black glass and stucco- can also be seen among the center’s Modern design details.

The new Enron movie made a World Premiere in Houston not too long ago. All former Enron Employees received a free ticket to the event.

I'm not joking. This Starbucks is right across the street from the one pictured in the photo above. Oh well, I love the deco design to it.

Houston Skyline from center

Randon Shoppe on South Shepherd

I might as well give you a taste of some of the gentrification happening in Houston.

Moving right along up Westheimer.

Shoppes at Highland Park Shopping District

Neiman Marcus in Uptown. Currently the largest in the country, but claim will soon be taken by San Francisco.

More yuppie stuff

Williams Tower from Street to roof. Built in 1983. 901 feet.

Williams Tower Waterwall

Some vacant building going to waste in the middle of downtown

Hotel Icon One of Downtown Houston's newest boutique hotels.

Victorian architecture at Cava Bistro

St Pete's Dancing Marlin. Surprisingly affordable.

Gotta stop for a lunch break.

Historical Rice Hotel. Now Post Rice Lofts. Built in 1910.

Base of Houston's tallest art deco scraper. JPMorgan Chase Building. Built in 1929 and once Houston's tallest. Stands 428 feet.

Commerce Towers. Tallest residential building in downtown. 2nd tallest art deco scraper in downtown. Also built in 1929.

Bottom floor of this building will be the first full functioning grocery store/market in the center of downtown

Rendering of Market

Hope You Enjoyed

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I saw them at HAIF, but I can't remember if I replied or not. But either way, they are still cool pictures of the city, thanks for sharing. Hope we get to see some more from you again soon!
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