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My Trip To Beijing, China!!!!

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Hi, here are some photos taken by me from my trip to Beijing, China!!:

there will be more coming soon:)
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So far very nice photos from Beijing; i will wait for the rest...
some more:

near zhongguancun (electronics district)

in Beijing's business district

near Beihai park near the Forbidden City

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another one in zhongguancun electronic district
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heres some more photos!

one of the corners of the forbidden city

nearby the forbidden city

roofs of the forbidden city


qianmen at night

temple of heaven

distant photo of the temple of heaven

famous beijing snack/food street - it's full of weird insects and bugs! and other yummy foods
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You take really nice photos, it feels like I'm right there!
èđđeůx;69449359 said:
You take really nice photos, it feels like I'm right there!
thanks!! i shall post some more soon
Some more photos

enjoy :)

The beautiful & colourful details of the Temple of Heaven

Approaching Qianmen area from the view of a car

Close up of the White Pagoda at Beihai Park

Sillouhette like Great Wall in the background

Streets near the Olympic area

In the Olympic park complex with the amazing hotel in the back

Close- up of the amazing architecture and engineering of the Birds Nest Stadium

Approaching the Olympic area with these two traditional looking Chinese monuments

passing one of Beijing's brightly lit old gate towers at night

-all photos taken by me-
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Nice photos... wonderfull!!!!
here are a few more:banana::

insects to eat near wangfujing!

the main building of the summer palace

architectural eye candy of the summer palace

close ups of under the roofs of the summer palace complex

forgot exactly where this is - i think it's near a place called the lufthansa centre or something

-taken by me-
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nice photo tour.
more photos of my trip:

the magnificent Summer Palace with the frozen lake

as my digital camera takes poor night shots, i placed it on the
ground and used the nighttime mode and it turned out quite clear

a supermarket near our staying place - interesting to
see a humble supermarket in a new country!

Beijing's large and impressive airport
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^^ Really magnificent and very nice new shots of Beijing :)
^^ Really magnificent and very nice new shots of Beijing :)

some more soon :)
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