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Dr.Med. Tom Green
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On my way to Osaka i stayed 3 days in Dubai.

This are my first pics.

The pics are in order.

The original

And the reflection

Communication in Dubai is very difficult

A nice looking facade

It is dangerous, but he don`t care^^^

It really surprised me that there is so much green.

A nice looking vila

More pic comes later.
At the end i think i will upload more than 100 pics.

I love Abu Dhabi.
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FANTASTIC PHOTOS MAN :) i love them so much , YOUR A PRO.

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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More pics from day 1

Dubai is really green, but not natural.

I am a christian but i respect other religions.

Let`s destroy the old and build something new, something better.

Look at the green ^^

A wall of skyscrapers.

It is not a pool.

More water.

The perfect job in a hot city :D

A nice pic of the tallest and the 3rd tallest in Dubai

Big construction

Tight ^^

part one

part two

More green.

On my way to the EMAAR sales office.

The future.

A skyline shot from the EMAAR sales office.

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Nick in Atlanta said:
It's nice to see some real photos of Dubai, instead of just skyline, airport and 7 star hotel photos. Not that I want to criticize Dubai, but I just want to get a more realistic feeling for the place.
Exactly! Actually my opinions of Dubai have improved after this thread as this is the first time iv ever seen pics of actual Dubai, rather than the tacky disneyland type feel of the usual Dubai pics.

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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SUNNI said:
these are great pics...;)

but the place seems so empty, especially the streets, i cant fine a singlie person walking around on the foot path
The place is not really empty, i just like to make this pic with no people in it to make the pics more mystic and more nice. If someone with traditional clothes walked truh this area i would make a pic but there were only people with western clothes. So i waited before they left.

Day 2 :)

I like the architecture in Dubai.

But not every building :D

This is near Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

Someone found his paradise

What`s the big deal with Dubai ?!
My answear

This are the people that give Dubais future the shape.

How will it look in 5 years ?

Some buildings are build and they look nice.

I should be a propaganda photograph :D

I think you know it :D
But i couldn`t get inside even with money >_<

Madinat Jumeirah

You can see The Palm Jumeirah in the background

I took this pic from a forbidden place *g*
But i don`t really care

Look how small the palms are

Back to the SZR

I have never seen such birds before

Do you like my pics ? :)

Dr.Med. Tom Green
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The rest of day 2.
A overview of Dubai from the World Trade Center.


The World under construction

No one told me that Sharjah has such an impressive Skyline.

Palm Deira in the distance

I have taken this pics during my meeting with Altind

Altind: Thank you for showing me this place


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if you post these pics earlier there wouldn't the dicussions like "what's so special about dubai?".

those skyscrapers are REALLY REALLY nice, the yeah, the city is so green, i dont care if it's natural or not, as long as it's green.

it is a little empty though, it doesnt have that kind of hustle feelings , but it's very organized and clean, which i like.

i only saw the some of the pics btw, due to my slow internet connection, and they already impressed me.
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