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This is the second part of my photographic report of London.

This place is Piccadilly circus. Probably it is the most funny place of London:

And this is Piccadilly st. This street communicates Piccadilly circus with Green park:

The Meridien hotel in Piccadilly st:

The japanese embassy:

Ritz hotel:

More smart buildings in Piccadilly st:

On the north of Piccadilly st, it is Myfair district. It is one of the most expensive areas of London:

Grosvenor place in Myfair district:

And this is Hyde park. In this corner, Hyde park, Green park and Piccadilly st. join. It is known as Hyde park corner:

This is an statue of Wellington:

This arch is the entrance to Hyde park:

An statue of Aquiles:

And this is the inner of Hyde park. It is enormous, and it is plenty of big trees and extensive meadows:

This is the Serpentine lake. This long lake is in the middle of the park:

In the park, there are roads for horses:

An small statue of Peter Pan:

This italian garden is at the end of the Serpentine lake:

And Kensington gardens. Actually, they are the same park that Hyde park, then I don't understand why it is called with another name:

Kensington palace. In this palace, Lady Di lived after her divorce:

These are the gardens of the palace:

And this is the Orangerie, where the tropical plants are kept during the cold winter of London:

In the other side of the park, it is the Albert Memorial, dedicated to Albert prince, married with queen Victoria:

At the corners of the monument, each statue represents a continent:




On the south of the park, it is Kensington district. It also one of the most expensive of London:

This is Royal Albert Hall. It is like a theatre for operas and other big spectacles:

This is the Bromton Oratory, one of the few catholic church in London:

This is Harrods:

During the night, this is a bit pretentious:

Also in Kensington, some of the best museums of London are here. This is the Royal Albert Museum:

This other building is the Natural History Museum:

And this is the Science Museum:

Near Kensington, it is Belgravia district. This district is plenty of embassies:

Far from the center of London, Notting Hill is a residential district. Several years ago, it was the house of inmigrants from caribbean countries. They painted theirs houses with alive colors:

Portobello road is the main street of the district:

If we return to the center, Regent street is another monumental street, plenty of buildings of John Nash:

And this is Oxford st, maybe the most commercial street in London:

At the end of Oxford st. it is Marble arch:

At the north of the center of London, it is Euston road. In this street, there are two big train stations : King's Cross and St. Pancrass:

King's Cross is a bit modest:

However, St. Pancras station is a extraordinary neogothic building. In my opinion, one of the best buildings of London:

In Euston road, this church adorned with greek statues:

And more buildings of Nash:

And several high buildings made with glass:

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wow what marvellous pictures!

London is just awesome...really brings back memories..especially the area near the Science Museum where I lived as a student..used to walk past it everyday..and at night its so magnificent, like a castle :cool:

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so awesome. and thinking that i've seen most of these places.

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