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This is the final and third part of my photagraphic report of London.

One of the most beautiful parks of London is Regent's park:

Almost the complete park is surrounded by these smart buildings built by Nash:

Another important district is Bloomsbury. It has green squares like this:

This is Russel hotel, in Russel square. In my opinion it is one of the most original buildings of London:

At the other side of the square it is the British Museum:

The inner of the museum is impressive:

The hall:

The library:

The statues of the Partenon of Athens:

Strand street is the street that communicates Westminster with the City. In this street, there are many monumental buildings:

In this palace, in Strand st, it is the Courtland gallery:

The Bush house:

The Australia house:

The Royal Court of Justice:

At the end of Strand street, we can see St. Paul cathedral:

From the top of the dom, it is possible to see all the center of London:

And the City. This is the financial center of London. And here, it is the stock exchange, the bank of England and another financial institutions:

This kind of castle is the bank of England:

Another buildings:

Near bank of England, it is Lloyd's building:

And many other buildings:

Beyond the City, we arrive to the Tower of London. It is a mediaval castle that is very well conserved:

These are the houses of the gorvenor of the tower:

And the famous bridge of the tower:

The north border of Thames river is known as Victoria enbankment. Here, there are a lot of smart buildings:

In the same street, Victoria gardens:

Sight toward the County hall:

Far from the center of London, near the Docklands, new high buildings have been built:

And several pics of Liverpool station:

That' all.



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Excellent job - I still have yet to post my pics from Berlin, but alas university work is my current priority!

...soon in Canuckland
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Hey Atlan, fantastic thread. Many many thanks from India. I may have missed the real London but at least I got to see this. Your photography is excellent! The pics are unbelievably clear!! What camera was it? :nocrook:

Waiting for 122
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Absoloutley stunning photos of a fantastic city. Pop into the UK forums if you wanna see some of my own photos.

Makes me wanna go back out and hop on the train into London again. Decided not to go today because im tired and its a bit pricey going so often with a travel card.
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