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Every year my family goes on one big, week-long vacation to a new city:

2005: Las Vegas
2006: New York
2007: Miami
2008: Chicago

This year we went to New Orleans. I took over 200 photos of the city that I will post here. Admittley, I don't have a very high quality camera so I'm hoping they all came out right becasue as I post them, this is first time I see them. I won't post them all at once, becasue it would take too long but probably over the next week I'll put them all up. Here you go:

Set 1 (1-29)

As always, I start out with the view from our hotel room. Some of these are through a window which is why they are a bit blurry. Here's a view out of the north facing window.

Here's facing south where we had a balcony so this is not through a window.

This is me just getting to the hotel after a 10 hour car ride. We stayed at the Windsor Court Hotel in downtown just North of Harrah's casino. I HIGHLY reccomend the Windsor Court, by the way. Anyway, here you have the roof of Harrah's casino and the Canal place office and westin complex in the background.

This is one of the grand entryways to the Harrah's casino, fronting Canal Str. with the World Trade Center in the background.

Again, this is the Harrah's Casino, with the Harrah's hotel tower in the background

This is looking North on Canal St. During the trip I personally dubbed Canal St. the "Times Square of the South". It really has that vibe with tall hotel towers and lots of signage. Here you have the Sheraton on the left, the Marriott on the right, and the Old Custom's Building which was being rehabbed in the foreground on the right. Notice the trolley line down the center on Canal St.

Looking back you see Harrah's Casino in the right with the World Trade center and the Hilton Hotel in the backgorund.

This is inside Canal Place Mall. One of two urban malls in the downtown area.

This is again looking up Canal St.

One of the trolleys as it passed by Harrah's.

Canal Place is on the right, the Sheraton and Capital One towers are on the left. The Capital One Tower is the 2nd tallest bulding in New Orleans.

Again, looking North on Canal St. You can see One Shell Square to the left. That's the tallest in the city.

This is the Aubudon Aquarium on the Riverwalk. New Orleans has a decent waterfront in downtown, but it's hidden becasue it's not easily accessible. :nuts:

Here's the riverwalk, along the Mississippi.

Here's a look back at some of the skyline from the Riverwalk. Notice the building with the setbacks behind the yellow cage thing. That's my hotel the Windsor Court.

Another look back from the Riverwalk. Canal Place is on the left edge of the photo, the big Canal St. hotels are in the center and part of the French Quarter on the right.

Holocaust memorial in front.

There's lots of memorial along the riverwalk.

Another look back at the skyline. Notice One Shell Square.

And another memorial on the riverwalk, this one for all of the immigrants. Notice the bird on top of her head.

Nice skyline shot here, with a good chunk of the French Quarter on the right.

Trolley in front of the Jackson Brewery. Still on the Riverwalk.

Now crossing over the train tracks in to the French Quarter. These apartments that flank Jackson Square are the oldest, still occupied apartments in the country: built in 1803 before it was even American territory.

Here's the centerpice of the French Quarter, The Cathedral at Jackson Square.

Here's Washington Park, whic hserves as a nice perch for viewing Jackson Square.

Here's the twin aprtment building on the Down River side of Jackson Square.

That's actually a good stopping point there, at 29.

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The newer buildings in New Orleans are of very low quality. I prefer the older quarters.
I think New Orleans is a fascinating and charming city but find the Gulf region to be very depressing because of all the industry. It's funny how the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful near Cancun and along the Louisiana and Texas coast the water is chocolate brown.

The Sheraton is hideous in that second photo.

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^Thanks for the responses guys, here's some more:

Set 2 (30-62)

Moving downstream to the Decatur St./Peters St. apex

Here's the daytime pedestrian mall just off Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral with the Capital One Tower in the background

Just off Jackson Square there was always a line of horse carriages. I kinda felt for the horses becasue it was HOT out

The ceiling inside St. Louis Cathedral

The French Quarter is very urban and livable in general. It does lack park space other then Jackson Square.

The Capital One building shows up in a lot of my pictures because it made for great corridor views in the Quarter

Near the French Market

Another one of those great corridor views

Alright now heading back to Canal St, the Louisiana Supreme Court is in the French Quarter

Back on Canal St.

This is down Fulton St, another pedestrian mall

Heading back to the hotel, here's a picture of the W hotel and our hotel, the Windsor Court

This is the driveway to our hotel, and that was it for the day

We did a French Quarter walking tour the next day (don't worry, not all of my pictures are the French Quarter)

Back to Jackson Square

Near the French Market

Lots of galleries throughout the Quarter with lots of plants. I guess making up for the overall lack of park space

Though it's disputed, this place claims to be the 2nd oldest bar in the Quarter

The Quarter is known for it's large courtyard, and many of the churches have them too

That's all for this set :cheers:
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