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My weekend visit to NYC!

Landing at JFK, for a while all you can see is ESB, kinda disappointing, then then skyline suddenly hits you....

Travelling through the streets to my hotel, the famous yellow cabs and wide avenues go by, just like on T.V.

Settled in, walking out of the hotel straight on to 4th avenue... along a few streets to meet the monster...

...then its smaller, prettier sister...

walking deeper in to the canyons towards the lights....

..moving along further, a crystal forms by the roadside...

...then all opens in to a quiet oasis.

Time to head back and challenge the monster, climbing to its shoulders and looking down on to its chlidren...

...and to a distant flock...

...the monsters spire reaching to the sun..,

Heading east, a stone monolith crosses murky waters..

...another relative rising to the sky...'s family crowd round, as if protecting a wound...

...they reveal a deep scar, a place where the mightiest once stood and fell...

...the scars run deep, but new life and hope stand with it...

...finally taking to the skies, the mother looks on, standing tall and strong.


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Here's a few more pics. No particular order this time.

Times Square at night.

Next to the library, nice curvy building (times square tower up ahead).

Building off battery park.

Little demonstration going on...

...the police were there to keep check.

Chrysler from the top of ESB.

Yankee stadium with players warming up on the pitch

Last but not least, out the window to Jersey City

Hope you Like these too :)

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Lance said:
The last, the one of the yankee stadium and the one of the statue were all taken from a chopper.
I am so pissed, when I went to NYC two years ago, I had a digtal camera that used floppy disks... that's right floppies!!! Well 3/4 disks were corrupted :(

I can't wait to go back
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