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After a 4 night trip to Prague with some friends from university I have been busy uploading photos for you all to see. Enjoy

The view from my bedroom.

The other side

On a speed boat which I got to drive down the river.

Round the corner from our apartment.

The Main Square

In an old fashioned car.

Immitation Eiffel Tower

Half Way Up The Tower (lots of steps to walk up)

Looking down from the top.

Our apartment building is the pale yellow one. We were on the third floor on the corner.

The Metro


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t'as eu de la chance d'avoir une chambre en plein centre ville. Moi, j'étais obligé de prendre le métro tous les matins pour visiter le vieux centre.
Sinon les photos sont biens, et j'espère que tu as apprécié ton voyage à Prague, de toute façon c'est difficile de ne pas être enchanté par cette ville.

Oups..... I thought you were french, sorry.( the Eiffel tower ).
translation : you were very lucky to find a bedroom in the centre. Personally, I had to take the subway every morning to go to the old city.
The pics are pretty nice and i hope you liked your trip to Prague, but it's very difficult not to be delighted by this city.

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Great photos Stef! :eek:kay: Such lovely colours with all the buildings and some fantastic views over the city. I soooo want to go back to Prague again. Glad to see there's still some old Skoda 120 Estelles around! :happy:
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