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Thank you all for your nice response and the likes! :)

Beautiful! more photos,please! :)
Your wish is my command! ;-)

The following photos are from today.

The Little Meidling adventure - Part 1

Why adventure? ;-) I like to stroll through parts of my city where I've never been before. Love to get lost a little bit and get fresh new impressions.
Today, like most of the times, I finally found myself in a part of the district which I knew and found my way home without asking passengers where to go...

Meidling is the 12th district of Vienna.
Today I was there at a doctor's and then strolled through some streets which were completely new for me.

Some shadows caught my eye...

... found a church all in white...

... and a refreshingly colorful house...

... found my shadow haunting an empty shop... ;-)

... strolled over a nice market...

... found this typical "working-men-inn", where you can eat "gebackenes Hirn", which means "baked animal brain". ;-)
The Viennese cuisine in former centuries was famous for offal.

I strolled through busy Meidlinger Hauptstraße, the main street of the district...

... and met a guy who obviously was as fascinated by display dummies as myself. ;-)

Part 2 will follow. :)

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The Little Meidling adventure - Part 2

I met the Queen of Snow... ;-)

... saw some people take a fast food-break while the winter light enchanted the place...

Perhaps not the most beautiful place in Vienna, but the sunlight gave it a kind of magic...

In the backstreets of Meidling...

I reached a Christmas Market with a carousel for the children...

Finally I reached the "Wienfluss", a region which I knew.
Doves enjoy the sun on the banks of the "River Vienna":

I met a nice guest from northern regions...

At some places you feel the time stand still...
Here we look towards the 15th district:

Some houses have wonderful backsides... ;-)

Ten minutes later I reached tramway 58 and was on my way home...

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Very good street shots and I hope there`s more to follow.
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Thank you all for your nice respond! :)
Now there will follow a series in black and white.


Mystic cloud and lantern

Bride and groom

Room with a view ;-)

If he could, he would fly...

Just a wonderful day...

The silence
(shady pond)

House of the doves

The bride

Woman with snake

"Mountain picnic" under the moon ;-)

This is my personal Venus ;-)
(reminds me of the opera "Tannhäuser")


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very beautiful images of Venice in black and white!
First of all thank you for your nice reply!

Venice = gondola, pasta
Vienna = Fiaker, Schnitzel :)


More black & white...


Walking the dog


Springtime in the park ;-)

In the park

Two riders

The passage

Poor man sleeping in the park

Woman with dog

Modern sculpture

The escalator

Waiting for the tram

Train- and Underground Station "Hütteldorf"

Two young muslims visiting the Parliament

More of b/w to come on another day!

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Thank you all for visiting and commenting this thread! :)

Here come the last few b/w pics.

Art Nouveau Pavillon in "Stadtpark" above the "Vienna River" (Wienfluss)

(No, it's not Palermo. ;-))

This female figure in "Stadtpark" is called "Donauweibchen".
An old story tells that the female water ghost once drew a young fisherman into the floods of the River Danube...

Two Impression of Vienna's "Rathaus" (Town Hall)

Beautiful tree shadow and modern buildings

At the River Danube.
In the ship there is a school.

Shadows near a bridge over "Wienfluss" (Vienna River)

Two impressions of the Underground No. 4 passing a bridge over "Wienfluss":

At long distances the Underground No. 6 does not go under ground - there
it uses the railway line of former "Stadtbahn":

This glass roof protects the elevators which lead down to Underground U3 and U6 near "Westbahnhof" (Western Railway Station).

"Theseustempel" with piece of art by Edmund de Waal, an artist whom I like very much:

At the door of "Minoritenkirche" (Minorites Church), one of the oldest churches in Vienna (and church of the Italians in Vienna):

One of the oldest parts of the City - "Griechengasse" (Greek Lane)

In front of our Parliament: Pallas Athene with upcoming thunderstorm:

Next photos will be completely different. ;-)
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