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My very private Vienna

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This old house in the 17th district...

... holds a secret...

... a beautiful backyard garden:

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Lovely properties that are full of character.
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Sometimes in this thread I will show you a Vienna that most tourists do not see.
We will look at old and new buildings and sometimes do a glance into shop windows.

I will take you on a trip with tramway No. 49 from "Hütteldorf" to "Urban Loritz-Place". Many pictures speak for themselves, sometimes I will comment.

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 1

Prilisauer, a traditional Viennese restaurant (since 1883): "Schnitzel" and beer - and much more. ;-)

Church St. Andrew

Building Linzer Street No. 375: Secession (built 1902, two impressions)


Here one of Vienna's old soccer stadions, the "Gerhard-Hanappi-Stadion",
makes place for the new "Allianz Stadion":

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 2

Modern church "Zu den vier Heiligen Evangelisten" in "Oberbaumgarten" (two impressions)

Vienna obviously has underground inhabitants. ;-)
Near the church some animals (Hamster?) digged big holes into the ground under a tree.

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 3

Hanusch Hospital


Thanks for 'liking' part 1 and 2! :)

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 4

The backyard-view of houses with their many chimneys - for me this is typical Vienna.
Not the Vienna of the tourists, but the "Everyday-Vienna" of the people, who live here.

Nice door, but shock colour! ;-)

This impressive building is a Fitness Center (3 pics)

We continue our "tram-49-trip"...

"Schnellbahn"-Station "Breitensee"

Tramstation "Breitensee"

Nice photos and nice way to see (mostly) 'the every day Vienna', as you put it yourself:)
Thank you all for looking and liking!

Nice photos and nice way to see (mostly) 'the every day Vienna', as you put it yourself:)
I thank you very much, Hardcore Terrorist! :)

I will continue with

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 5

Until now tram 49 crossed district "Penzing", so called "better living areas" (sorry for my bad English ;-), I hope it is understandabel).
Better here means more expensive, the nearer you come to Viennas green belt, the "Wienerwald" (Vienna Woods).

Now we reach district "Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus", and the nearer wie come to the "Gürtel" (the second big street belt of Vienna besides the noble "Ringstraße",
with enormous traffic), the more "bad" and cheaper the living area turns.
Which does not mean that the cheaper parts of town are not worth living or not interesting!

Following pics were made around tramstation "John Street".

We here are in a higher part of Vienna, so from many side streets you have a fine view
to the lower parts, here to the Skyscrapers of "Wienerberg City":

The following Pictures all are taken on "Kardinal Rauscher Place".
The church in the Background is the neogothic "Regina Martyrium".
We are her in the part of the 15th district called "Rudolfsheim".

Little trip with tramway No. 49 - part 6

Still at "Kardinal Rauscher Place":

Now we've reached "Urban Loritz Place" (serveral impressions):

This is Viennas main Library:

Our little tram-trip is ending here:
"Bitte alles aussteigen!" ;-)

Tram No. 49 crosses the "Gürtel" at Urban Loritz Place and follows Westbahn Street through the nice 7th district into the City.
The 7th district I will show you another time - perhaps the most "crazy" of all districts. :)
"Am Lugeck" - part 1

Near this nice old passage...

... and near this beautiful house at "Lugeck" (1st district)...

... in the old town of Vienna...

... you find the perhaps most loveable store window in whole Vienna. :)
See for yourself:

"Let me be your teddybear..." *sing* ;-)

"Am Lugeck" - part 2

^^ Great, very nice updates from Vienna :cheers:
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Thanks, Christos, thanks everybody for looking and liking! :)

Again something completely different.
Vienna has so many faces...

Sometimes in the fog Vienna's Skyscrapers are sourrounded by an atmosphere like in a science fiction film.
I like that very much. :)
Yesterday at "Donaucity", where you can find Vienna's highest building, the DC Tower,
it was such a foggy "science fiction-day". ;-)
Here are some impressions.

Donaucity - part 1

District: 22nd ("Donaustadt")
Underground: U1 (Station "Kaisermühlen - Vienna International Center")
Donaucity - part 2

This is Austrias tallest, DC Tower 1, 220 metres high.

A "dark eminence", this black tower in the fog... ;-)

There is more to come later.
Thank you all for liking! :)

really, another universe... fog, puddles, no snow... Happy Xmas!
Oh yes, and don't forget the aliens. ;-)
We will meet some of them in

Donaucity - part 3

Let's take another look at the mystic world of fog...

All sculptures in this part are by the Austrian artist Bruno Gironcoli.

Maybe some of you who have seen the film "Alien" and love the art of H.R. Giger will like the one or the other of these pictures too.
By the way, today the same weather in Vienna. ;-)
I love fog, perhaps because I'm born in November.
Donaucity looks awful imho...but fortunately Vienna has a gorgeous human-scale city for the most part.
Donaucity looks awful imho...but fortunately Vienna has a gorgeous human-scale city for the most part.
Donaucity looks much friendlier without fog. ;-) But at that day I enjoyed that
empty, lonely and strange feeling the fog gave to this place.
Don't know how it feels to live there, but as a visitor the area always is very
exciting to me. It is still in development I think.

Donaucity - part 4

Sculpture by Bruno Gironcoli (3 impressions)

Space for more skyscrapers... ;-)

The dark building at the right is a church; in the background a part of the Uno City:

Thank you all for commenting and liking! :)

Vienna today - part 1

Town hall with Christmas Market, seen from the stairs to "Burgtheater", Viennas most famous theatre

Winter blossom

Town hall

View from "Mölkerbastei", a very old part of Vienna, to the University

"Mölkerbastei" (4 impressions)

All pics today were made in 1st district:

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