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My very private Vienna

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This old house in the 17th district...

... holds a secret...

... a beautiful backyard garden:

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As I will be online after Christmas next time I already today want to wish all of you...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)
And the same for you Silvia. Have a nice Christmas.🎄🎅⛪
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Merry Christmas Silvia. Raising a glass for you and your mother in your Viennese Wood retreat. 🍷
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Merry Christmas Silvia, and your mother!
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Again thank you all for liking, and so many thanks for your nice Chrismas Wishes, dears Patrick, Paul, Jane and Christi! I send you all a big hug!

Vienna is in it's third lock-down now, nevertheless today I had the luck to have good weather at one of my very rare city walks.

Vienna City Special

Nice details. ;)


Breathtaking yard


Feeling like a princess inside the elegantly palais...


Lonesome Christmas tree


Lovely corner


Winter colours


Walking through another century...


... but being reminded of the lock-down because of the protection mask...

Another part will follow!
Precious beauty


Erotic fountain




I met many lonesome Christmas trees during my walk... ;)


View towards Minoritenkirche (church):


Beautiful figure


Herrengasse, very quiet and lonely today...


This will be continued some time, but I don't know when I'll be back in our forum again.
Take care! Best wishes. Hugs!
Good to see you out and about, and doing what you love. Take care; we look forward to seeing more posts from wondrous Vienna when the time allows. :)
Thanks for these beautiful photos. Happy NewYear! Hope to see your images soon.
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Great, very nice updates, Silvia :)

Happy New Year btw :)
Dear Silvia,

I hope that everything and everyone is quite well in your family.

Come back... We miss you!
Amazing Vienna!!!

Thanks for the images Silvia!!!!! we want see more!
6521 - 6533 of 6533 Posts
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