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My very private Vienna

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This old house in the 17th district...

... holds a secret...

... a beautiful backyard garden:

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Thank you for 'liking', Hardcore Terrorist and Paul! :)

From Belvedere and Botanical Garden to Karlskirche (St. Charles) - Part 5

"Schwarzenbergplatz" (like "Heldenplatz" and "Karlsplatz" one of the largest and most
beautiful places in Vienna)

The Russian Monument on Schwarzenbergplatz

What looks like a lava field are just the stones of the in winter dry fountain ;-)

At the entrance to the parking area of Palais Schwarzenberg... ;-)

Where Prince Eugen Street meets Schwarzenbergplatz - wonderful buildings...

The Angel of the Old Testament at the entrance of St. Charles Church:

Column of St. Charles Church

At the stairs of St. Charles (The Angel of the New Testament):

Wiener Musikverein with iced sidewalk

We approach "Ringstrasse"

Where the "Ringstrasse" meets "Schwarzenbergplatz"...

Citybus in front of nice building with Tower

Thank you all for visiting this thread.
Good night!
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Beautiful! :cheers:
Thank you, Benonie! :)


Today once again I want to show some of "Everyday Vienna"
(parts that tourists seldom visit).

Let's begin with Thaliastreet in the 16th district.
This area has a strong proportion of immigrants, mainly from Turkey and former Yugoslavia.

There are many nice older buildings, Turkish shops, restaurants and so on.

Thaliastreet - Part 1

The 16th district is called Ottakring, and this is Ottakringer Brewery.

Two impressions from a Turkish marriage store:

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Thaliastreet - Part 2

This perhaps are ceremonial cloths for little Muslim boys:

Here Thaliastreet meets the Gürtel.
The Gürtel is the second street belt of Vienna besides the Ringstrasse.
While Ringstrasse is famous for representative, elegant buildings,
the Gürtel is said to be one of the most busy roads in whole Europe.
Some parts of the Gürtel are "red light districts", but some parts
of it have hip music locations with many young visitors.

Many of this music locations are in the historic "Stadtbahnbögen",
the railway line of former "Stadtbahn". Now up there goes Vienna's U6 -
despite of it's "Underground"-name. ;-)

An underpass of the "Stadtbahnbögen"

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Now we go to the 15th district, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.
We see the historic

Tramway Remise Rudolfsheim

The two buildings go back to 1901-1903.
Under the Western building there are walls of the old horse-drawn railway remise.

In the backyard of the remise

For special purpose ;-)

Tourists who are interested in trams can leave the tram No. 58 on their way
to Schönbrunn and take a look at the remise - it's just beside the tram station
before the Technical Museum.
In the right hall: Mind the gap! ;-)
Today I walked the whole area, but I suppose they are not amused when
they see people walk directly into the halls, so I kept out.
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Delightful pictures!
Thank you, Romashka! :)


Now something special: While waiting for the tram today I saw blossoms
in "Hamerlingpark", 8th district.
I went nearer and discovered that there were rose blossoms in winter!!

This pic is especially for Ruth, who hopefully takes a look in here sometimes. :)
Mail will reach you during next week. Hopefully. I'm so busy with
my photography at the moment - nearly exhausted a little bit... ;-)

By the way - does anyone here know the name of this rose that gives
us blossoms in winter?
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Wow nice tram depot:)
Thank you, Ruben! :)
I like it too, often leave the tram there when I'm on my way to Schönbrunn.

By the way, I'm planing to show here pics of Vienna's Technical Museum
and collections of other museums in town. Can take a little time, but will come.
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Snow in the last years has been such a rare event in the City of Vienna
that it was worth to take the camera and go for a little walk...

Snow in the City - Part 1

Freyung with Scots Church

Melker Hof (a number of old backyards)

Turkish rider ("Am Heidenschuss")

Relict of the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 ;-)

"Platz am Hof" with famous church and "Mariensäule" (St. Mary's Column)

Christmas is over...
(Platz am Hof)

Nice roof and historic lantern (Platz am Hof)

A bold modern balcony construction...

... in historical environment
("Am Ledererhof")

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Snow in the City - Part 2

"Judenplatz" (Place of the Jews) with Lessing Monument and Holocaust Memorial (2 impressions):

On the way from Judenplatz to Schulhof:

"Am Schulhof"

Backside of the church "Am Hof"

Entrance to Palais Kinsky:

Fountain figure in the yard of Palais Kinsky

Ringstrasse: Cafe Landtmann with Burgtheater in the background
(2 impressions)

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Thank you all so much for 'liking' and your nice comments! :banana:

Lovely pictures. You must live very centrally?
Thank you, Jane! :) I live in the 8th district, and in about 10 minutes
I am at Ringstrasse in the 1st district - one of my favourites because
of the parks and the old buildings.
Portrait of my home district will come soon.


But first Schönbrunn again, pics taken on a day with dense fog -
and I loved it! ;-)

Schönbrunn in the fog - Part 1

The first three pics are taken in Hietzing (near the U4 and at
the tram station on Kennedy Bridge):

In the park: Jogging into nowhere... ;-)

"Witches Way" ;-)

This medusa shield you have already seen in bright sunshine,
but the fog brings more mysterious touch into the scene...

Fog at it's best.
One would not be astonished if Dracula would come right around the corner... ;-))

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Schönbrunn in the fog - Part 2

Beauty can be found everywhere - for those who have eyes to see...

This plant seems to have buds which will open soon:

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Schönbrunn in the fog - Part 3

This reflection fascinates me every time... ;-)

At the entrance stands a golden "Mozart" who is joking with the visitors. ;-)

In the fog the lion looks extra arrogantly... ;-)

On the way home near the tramstation in Hadikgasse:

The raven

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A very beautiful collection of photos. I think we are now due some cold weather here in Britain's been abnormally warm or the time of year. Such weather is always good for photography.
Thank you, Jane! For me besides fog the best weather for photography has to do with attractive clouds. One of my most preferred light situations is sun in the foreground, upcoming thunderstorm in the background... ;-)

I love the white marble statues, they're beautiful. It presents the standard of beauty of the past - fantastic.
In Schönbrunn you can find many of those beautiful statues, Abid. I too adore them and take pictures of them very often.

It's great pleasure to look at your works, Yansa!
Thank you, Shik! That makes me happy. :)


My next plan is to show you my home district.
I have more than 100 pics, so this "project" will take me some time. ;-)
Again I thank everyone for commenting and 'liking" my pics!


Not many tourists take time to visit Vienna's 8th district, which in my eyes
is a pity. "Josefstadt", my home district, is a very little, quiet and sometimes
nostalgic one. I have been living here all my life.
Josefstadt is densely built and has only two little green areas, the "Hamerlingpark"
and the "Schönbornpark". Luckily there are many green backyards which
spend good air with their trees.

As I walked around in the last two days, it was like discovering my home
district new. I was surprised how many beautiful old housedoors we have. ;-)

Mainly I will show you streets, buildings (focus on older houses), portals, shops. I hope you enjoy this! :)

Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 1

We begin our walk near the beautiful Breitenfelder Church,
which was built in the style of the Lombardic Early Renaissance,
as Wikipedia tells us. ;-)

The rectory with a statue of Mary and the Child is on the other side of the street.

This nice dog which in Vienna warns the owners of dogs of punishment
when they don't remove the xxx of their four-legged friends here has been
changed into a little piece of art by some people. Very nice! :)

The first of many wonderful portals which will come in the next sets.
Not all of them will be commented.
This one is on Bennoplatz (Bennoplace).

This two figures flank the entrance to a Pub which was an India Restaurant
before, and before this - a Pizzeria? I don't remember any more. ;-)
The small building in the background is great.

One of the many quiet and beautiful smaller streets of Josefstadt
with houses and portals like this:

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Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 2

I love the warm colours.

And I love facades like this:

A very special shop window (5 impressions):

Some nice birds for you, Jane. ;-)
I expecially like the little owl.

We would not call this backyard a beauty, don't we? ;-)
But it has a very strong atmosphere and will look better in the warm season
when the trees are green and birds are singing...

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Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 3

Such houses bring cosy atmosphere:

All about orange... ;-)
(3 impressions)

Here I like the modern one in red and white -
it brings colour into the grey...

Flower Power! ;-)
Many young (and some older ;-) people use the bike in Josefstadt.

This building has several backyards:

Typically Vienna. :)
In the "Trafik" you get cigarettes, newspapers and also your tickets for the tram.

More later!
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Thank you very much, Benonie, Jane and Leongname!

@Jane: Yes, civilized - with a few exceptions. ;-)

@Leongname: More arrogant than melancholic I think.
When you stand in front of him he seems to say:
"Come on, slave, manicure my nails!" ;-)


Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 4


The Folklore Museum
The old palais needs renovation, but money lacks, I think...

The enchanting backyard of the Folklore Museum which is in direct
neighbourhood to Schönbornpark:


Impressive buildings round Schönbornpark
(3 pics):

In Josefstadt there are many antique-stores:

Continued tomorrow.
I wish a good night!
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Thank you very much, Shik and Romashka! :)

Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 5

This set of pics is about the church "Piaristenkirche"
(also: "Maria Treu")

Situated in the centre of the district, for me it's like the heart of it.

One of the churchdoors (detail)

Figures around the column of St. Mary:

Beside the church there is a school:

Picturesque decay on the backside of the Church:

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Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 6

The next three pics are taken in the neighbourhood of Piaristenkirche:

We have reached the main and central street of Josefstadt,
Josefstädter Street. This is an old pharmacy ("Lion's Pharmacy"):

From Josefstädter Street you can see St. Stephans Cathedral.
The first district is the eastern neighbour district of Josefstadt.

If sometimes tourists come to Josefstadt, then mostly because of this theatre: "Theater in der Josefstadt"

Enough beautiful doors in the district for a special picture book... :)

View in one of the many nice shop windows on Josefstädter Street:

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Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 7

@Jane: Vienna, or Austria on it's whole, has a lot of "lost glory". ;-)
Think of the mighty Habsburg empire which we once were the
"crown" of, and the little country in EU which we are now...
In every inhabitant of Vienna I think there is a little relict of feeling like
we are "centre of the world". But we are not so important any more. ;-)

Next pics are taken in Strozzigasse:

I think there is hardly a part of Vienna where you can't find the lettering
"Puber" on doors and walls. Puber is an guy from Swiss who covered
Vienna with his name. ;-)

Back on Josefstädter Street.
Josefstadt - a district with much heart. ;-)

Two tramlines cross the 8th district: No. 2 and No. 5

Here the view goes to Gürtel which is the borderline between Josefstadt
and the 16th district in the west:

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Thank you, Ruben & Ben! :)

Haha, when I was small, there was a guy who put his tag 'Evil' on every wall or bridge in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I think he just came from Utrecht though...

It's funny that someone came from all the way from Switzerland to do this in Vienna. 'Puber' means 'adolescent' in Dutch, which I think is quite befitting:D

(on another note, there's also a graffiti artist who's been painting gnomes on transformer houses in the Utrecht region for some years now , and I think most people appreciate them because they're funny)

Anyway, nice pictures and neighbourhoods, Yansa:)
Of course, you are right! ;-) It's "Pubertät" in German, "phase of adolescence".
To come all the way from Switzerland and cover Vienna with
one's littering nearly is a crazy love declaration. :nuts: ;-)
He was sentenced to jail for it - he simply exaggerated his "work".

I like good graffiti, but am not amused to see anyone's childish doodle
on historical properties.

Portrait of my home district - Josefstadt Part 8

As talking about jails... We have an important courtyard in the 8th district,
the "Landesgericht für Strafsachen". Ironically in Landesgericht Street
I found this lovely Scene ;-):

We leave the criminal theme behind and come back to worthy Josefstadt. ;-)

This is the nice Neudegger Street:

Our small streets can be very romantic:

From all prominent inhabitants of Josefstadt I want to mention the actor
Oskar Werner. This is the house he lived in.
People who are my age (in their Fifties) probably will remember the in
his younger years very handsome man and outstanding actor.
Let me mention the film "Ship of Fools" with Simone Signoret -
that deeply impressed me as a young woman. ;-)

Skilful balcony on the house of the locksmith guild:

Street of the locksmiths:

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