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Yes! I visited New York for a couple of days! I'll show you some of my pictures here for you all to enjoy! :)

Me driving the cab. The driver was really nice. He kept saying these weird things I couldnt make anything out of!

Me and the Empire State Building!

The view from the Empire State Building was really something! :eek2:

I thought it was time to bring up the meat!

I really liked the food over there!

The river is really nice. I especially liked to stare at Brooklyn. And the bridge, of course.

I liked watching America Television. Non-stop soaps! This was a fireworks show! :)

New York had some really fine women, too!

Some really good service in the hotel I was in, as well. Nice, clean, soft bed!

I hadn't slept as good as that in a few years!

This hotel even offered a unique service, thanks to which I could practice my favorite hobby: Smacking against the door!

The view from the subway wasn't too bad!

The people in the subway were really nice, too! As you can see, I made tons of new friends!

Packing my bags!

On the way home, the view was so horribly filled with low buildings, I couldn't watch!

Well, I think I will post more pictures of me later! I hope you liked! :cheers:

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Well, after a little sleep I found some time to upload some more pics of my trip. I hope you like them.

The view from the airplane over Canada was nice!

Me in taxi again, on the right you can see one of my bodyguards.

The first night I visited the Rockefeller Center, such a nice place!

Look there, that's Times Square behind me!


Even the Queens Skyline is better then the one where I live...

After a long day in the city, it's time for 'hotelroom flying', Yeehooow!

The Coke in the dark pubs of the meatpackingdistrict was better then ever!

I think I also have to go to Hong Kong, imagine that one twice as tall...

The Staten Island Ferry, me having the view of my life! (till then)

'New York, New York' tatatatatata, me singing on Brooklyn Bridge...

Hotel fun again...

Hmmm, don't know what I was doning on this pic...

My last night, me and midtown.

I'll miss you NYC!

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best SkyScraperCity photo thread ever...thanks Kermit!
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