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My week in Chicago.

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01. Chicago from the plane. March 2014.

02. Our first visit was the Millenium Park. We saw the Cloud Gate ( bean ) covered with snow.


04. The Prizker Pavilion from Frank Gehry.


06. We also visited the John Hancock Tower.
You have a look at Lake Michigan en the Navy Pier.



09. You see here the place we stayed. It's called deWitt Place at North deWitt Place near Lake Michigan. Not a hotel but small apartments with kitchen.

10. Some days later the snow was almost gone en we went again for the Millenium Park.


12. From the 28e floor.

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:bow: Wow! Gorgeous pictures! I hope for more... much more.
When I lived in Chicago, I housed my out-of-town guests at the deWitt a few times. It's the one right next to the Mies Lakeshore Drive Apartment Towers, right? Glad to know that it's still functioning.

Visiting Chicago in winter (especially this winter) builds character.
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Awesome, very nice photos from Chicago ...on ice :cheers:
Chicago 2.

Taken on the Navy Pier.

Lighthouse by day.

Lighthouse in the early morning.

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