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My Wisconsin photothread

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I got a car for the first time in years, and I decided it was time for a new project. I want to do a photo thread dedicated to Wisconsin, I am going to start out with western Wisconsin because it is the part closest to me but over time I hope to also photograph the cities and towns of the rest of the state as well.

First some photos from last year.


Prescott01 by afsmps, on Flickr

Prescott02 by afsmps, on Flickr

Prescott03 by afsmps, on Flickr

Prescott04 by afsmps, on Flickr
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Hudson07 by afsmps, on Flickr

Hudson09 by afsmps, on Flickr

Here is one photo of the edge of the Twin Cities sprawl between Hudson and River Falls:

River Falls 01b by afsmps, on Flickr
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eau claire 42 by afsmps, on Flickr

eau claire 43 by afsmps, on Flickr

While driving home the sky started to clear so I got off 94 and took a detour through rural St Croix County to take a couple photos of classic western Wisconsin countryside.

wisconsin 1 by afsmps, on Flickr

wisconsin 2 by afsmps, on Flickr

wisconsin 3 by afsmps, on Flickr

That's all for now.
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love the photos! Just looking at the pictures of downtown Eau Claire makes the place look so run down, it's kind of shameful considering how many people live in the area.

There's a push to start bringing people into the core of the city, and the Phoenix Park development (the two newer-looking apartment buildings you photographed) is at the forefront of that, hopefully it works.
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Really enjoyed viewing the thread. Thanks for crossing the boarder! I was surprised and saddened to see one of those Eau Claire buildings, the one on the river with windows busted out, it's 12th from the bottom. The last time I saw that building the windows were painted. I'll check to see if I can find a photo of it.

Found one. The windows had people painted on them and the bigger windows below had a malt shop type scene. I can't believe it was destroyed![email protected]/
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I never knew how many beautiful buildings were out there (and amazing old theatres) I will definitely have to take a trip over there.

Great photos and great thread!
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