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My (wonderful) Copenhagen

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Since I am a fairly new "Copenhagener", everything is interesting for me in the city, and I like to take lots of pics, so why not share them with you guys as well. I also believe Copenhagen, as one of the most important cities in the region is quite underrepresented in the photo sub forum. So, here goes :)

Ill start with:

Amager Strand, 24.06.2014

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Where to have a summer vacation? In Denmark :D

I´ll end this set of pics with a jellyfish :) Still some 15-ish remaining pics from Amager Strand that I will post tomorrow, as its getting late. Good night :)

Sorry, haven't really been around lately :)

Here´s a small update...

Starting from the Flintholm metro station

And ending in Ørestad :)

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I just saw this post, lol. Whats bland?

Anyways, few pics of the Kongens Nytorv area from few days ago :)

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Ørestad from the metro

Few pics of Flintholm (Frederiksberg) few days ago

And two from last night :shifty:

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