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My WTC Pix - Blast from the Past 1985 !!!

Was cleaning out my closet and found an old album from 1985!

To my surprise I found these old 1985 WTC pix!!!

view from the pier on Christopher Street

On TOP OF THE WORLD !! on the observatory 111th floor above New York, me and my friend Jeff! August 4th, 1985

ok, ok, my fashion taste was horrible back then!!

the WFC was under construction, view from the 107th floor observatory!! :)

mmmmm I miss these guys! :(

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thank you so much man - takes me back. mid/late 80s are when most of my memories of the WTC are from. remember vividly when the winter garden opened at WFC - liberty weekend - the mets world series parade on broadway.

ok - i'm old :)

i miss them so much
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