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NABADIGANTA | Infinity Benchmark | 20fl | Completed

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Infinity Benchmark


photo copyright ArijeetB

Developers: Infinity IT Parks
Architect: Agrawal & Agrawal
Structural Consultant:predrag Eror Meinhardt Pvt. Ltd. Singapore.
Sanjiv Parekh, SPA Consultants, Kolkata
Green Building Consultant: S. Srinivas, CII, Hyderabad
Energy Consultant: Anamika Prasad, Environmental Design Solutions, New Delhi
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^^ Cool update Arijeet. Very nice shot. Almost done.. :cheers:
^^ Cool update Arijeet. Very nice shot. Almost done.. :cheers:
Thanks Saraf. :cheers:

This structure along with Omega would stand out in the Sector V skyline till perhaps ...Waterside is complete.:)
Kolkata Industry gets its first green building

Express News Service

Kolkata The first commercial green building with international standards in Kolkata — Infinity Benchmark— tailor-made for the needs of IT and ITES industry, is ready to house national and multinational biggies with high saving on energy front.
Infinity Benchmark, inaugurated on Friday in Salt Lake Sector V, the hub of Bengal’s IT sector, has about 5,60,000 sq feet of space spread over 20 floors.

It is the second green building outside the US and the seventh in the world to get a platinum rating by the renowned US Green Building Council under the LEED Core and Sheel Version 2.0.

The LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is a feature oriented rating system that awards points for meeting specified environmental criteria.

Infinity Benchmark has office space, cafeteria, a retail centre and multi-level parking facilities for about 400 cars.

Indoor air quality is maintained by CO2 monitoring sensors, intelligent humidification controls, rainwater harvesting and waste water recycling system. ]

Energy-efficient equipment and design are undertaken for minimising heat load and maximising natural light in work areas.

The building brings about 30 per cent reduction in cost, saving Rs 5 per sq ft for occupants.

“We have decided to come up only with green structures,” said Ravindra Chamaria, the Chairman and Managing Director of Infinity Infotech Parks Limited.

The India Design Centre, another green building to be set up by the Infinity Group, will be completed in 18 -20 months and will be a hub of semiconductor industry.

The company has also decided to come up with its first residential building at Guwahati, which will be the first residential green building in the country.
Second green building and seventh in the world.Another feather in the cap for Kolkata!
photos copyright Infinity IT Parks


^Good updates Sun. That area looks very modern and clean.
Interesting!! these buildings are a spectacular display of modern architecture. I love these designs and their materialization.
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