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Welcome to the city of Nagoya.Thrid only to Tokyo and Osaka in importance.

Greater city population of around 8 million.About the same size of Chicago.

2 hours away from Osaka via a little short cut through Mie prefecture,the city of Nagoya is only a hop,skip and jump away.Another world compared to the frantic messed up urban landscape of Osaka.

The city of Nagoya seems more orderly,civilised and tamed compared to its bigger cousin over the mountains in Kansai.

Infact.The city reminded me of New York without the highrise.The streets are laid out in grid style.Lots of parks.The department stores look like ones on 8th Avenue.A city of wide streets and avenues.

The home of Toyota and this years world Expo.

WELCOME TO THE CITY OF NAGOYA.....A Skywave production.

Note.All captions will read from under the picutre.

Here she is.Nestled right in the heart of Japan.Kansai to the West and Kanto to the east.

140km/h on the expressway got me here in record time.About 1 hour-40mins.Very convenient.The skywave AN400 is parked.I'm now ready to explore the city of Nagoya.

The department store district.I counted 15 about the same size as the one in the picture.

Shop till you drop!!! The city is the second richest in Japan after Kobe.

Japan buys a staggering 40 percent of the worlds luxury accessories and clothing.Yes 40 percent!!!!! Amazing for a country that represents 2 percent of the worlds population.

Lucky Dog!!! Check out the helmet it's wearing.The Japanese love their pets.Right near my house in Osaka are two dog cafes and a dog salon.Nagoya,being so rich would be more extreme.I herd on the grape vine,Channel are going to be opening a shop exclusively for dog products in Tokyo,Nagoya and Osaka next year.YES!!! Only in Japan.

Ok.Lets get this giant city into perspective.

Looking North up the main park.

Looking South into the shopping district.

To the east.JR station in the distance under the city's only tall highrise

The West.The view is much the same.Basicly its a very big city.

Nagoya central park.I dont know the real name.Something Osaka lacks.City parks with greenery

A Mother and Daughter on a rush to go somewhere in one the city's hundreds of back streets

This guy on the other hand is in the slow lane.Chilling.Taking it easy in a city far more sedate and relaxed than the hetic pace of Osaka and the manic frenzy of the worlds biggest city,Tokyo.

My lunch.Eel and Rice with Miso and Green tea.After eating half the bowl,you tip the green tea in the other half and mix it in with the Eel.Just superb.One of the many famous dishes in Nagoya.

Along the wide avenues of the city many streets performers are out dancing,playing instruments and preforming.These guys were great.Dancing hardcore Rocker Billy kind of stuff.Very cool.

Yeah!!! Get down!!!


The girlfriends taking pride in their Rockerbilly partners.Keeping an eye on the leather jackets.Its a bit hot and sweaty doing that Jive.

More street preformers.

and more

Nagoya Castle.NOT MY PICTURE.I couldnt get a good shot of it.

The enterance to Nagoya JR station.Very cool

A nice set at the lights.Wainting for the green to go

All Japanese citys have their Ferris Wheels.They love'em

Lets get a closer look

Going places.A women on the move.Bicycles are the priciple means of transportation for the yong.For most Nagoyites,its the Subway system.

Subway map.The new underground Loop opened last year.A nice edition to Japan's third largest Subway network.

Passengers waiting to board the train in one of the busier stations on the network.

I'll finish with this picture.A very Japanese looking guy off to play a very American Sport.

This pretty much sums up Nagoya.US bombers destroyed the city to rubble in WW2.Once rebuilding started,The US Governemt rebuilt it in a grid like American downtown style.The streets,Department stores and shops really do feel like New York without the highrise.

Another tour on the Skywave.

Ride easy.Ride Skywave.

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great thread, but i see high rises ;) i love the shot w/the Alfa Romeo.


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Yes!! Nice pictures of everyday urban life, indeed. I just picture myself walking those streets while listening to some underground hip hop or trip hop with my headset on while I'm enjoying the urban life. Then ofcourse, I will check out some of those stores to see what goods the city got to offer, for sure. :applause: :yes:

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Vapour said:
What is the connection between Nagoya and New York? :D
Good question Vapour.The streets and street design were similar I thought.Walking around the department stroe district and some of the wide avenues really did feel like walking around New York.
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