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Nagpur Projects Thread

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The oldest composite textile mill in the country - the Empress Mills founded by Sir Jamsetji Tata in the heart of Nagpur has been sold by the Maharashtra State Textile Corporation (MSTC) to the Tayal family-promoted KSL & Industries.

The 35-acre mill complex, on the embankment of Gandhi Sagar Lake, to be rechristened ‘Empress City' will now host an IT Park, a five-star hotel, a 3 lakh sq ft mall and a series of upmarket residential towers.

The KSL Group bagged the closed mill for Rs 35 crore at a competitive auction with 10 bidders that included two Nagpur-based builders and a few Mumbai developers, including Kalpataru Overseas. However, the mill comes with 10,500 workers and their severance package has cost the Tayals an additional Rs 55 crore.

“Stamp duty and other interest costs has made the Empress Mills a Rs 100-crore property, but we were lucky to ‘book’ it before the real estate began shooting up,” PK Tayal told ET. “Today, it is worth over Rs 500 crore,” he claimed.
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When McDonald,Pizza Hut,KFC,SUbway will start there Outlet? According to size of Nagpur .They have atleast 3-4 outlets in the City. So where is the Investment going......?
I also heard and also view on the web site.....!But No any confirm news is there....!From 5 yrs construction semms to on one stage.....!nothing could be happened with that mall...Pizza Hut is there but now any good progress is there.
Subway is there already.. 3-4 outlets i think..

and there are enough malls already for these other 'cool' junk food restaurants to have outlets. but i think the problem is with their business model.

when dominos had opened in nagpur in early 2000 (at dharampeth) it could not sustain and was closed down soon. next time when they entered, two years back, again in nagpur, they were asked what happened last time what's the change they have done this time for it to work. they said, they changed their business model for the city. they had to bring some refrigerated raw material on regular basis from mumbai. this is what happens everywhere else in the country. a facility is built at one place and material is transported at nearby cities. Problem with nagpur is that it is a lonely city.. no big city nearby.. nearest one is Hyderabad which is also 500km away.. so they can't just open new facility to cater only to nagpur and also it is not economical to transport material from mumbai regularly..
but they somehow worked around this issue and made it economically feasible .. not sure how exactly. but see the effect! dominos is running full fledged in nagpur now!

so every other outlet will have to do some homework before investing in nagpur..
but Nagpur having it's own status and no any need as Hyderabad City is near........!It's Central India's Big City............!I think there is a need to introspect to these companies about outlets.......!
What abt Indore, Raipur n similar cities..?
They r also far away 4m jumbo cities still they have d outlets of almost all these brands...

Actually the retail market in Ngp is not that happening which it shud b wth d popultn it has...u can c this at the malls here as compared to d one in Indore n Raipur now...tendency of d people is bit different...very limited share enjoys these amenities in our city...

Infra projects here gets lingered n u can c so many commercial places in city lying either u/c status or jst vacant...u c in Raipur with half d Ngp populatn, a new grand mall opens every six mnths...with huge response from crowd...

I guess the things vl change here n the food biggis vl soon launch their outlets here too...lets hope for d best...
Hope so that........MIHAN will change the ways as they expect......Now 5 star hotel also having boom in the City.........!And Also IT Companies are coming...So in few months we hope that outlets will start in full fledge as Dominos going.............!
Pizza Hut is coming in Nagpur at Poonam Mall in few months.......! (likely to be 3-4 months)
any idea........!
Nagpur polititian must boost to Nagpur as a future Dream City..Why they don't try to invite Top MNC companies leader in Nagpur and convince him about Nagpur investment.......?
D-Mart, Easy Day, Hyper City still not in Nagpur........! Any Idea about that.........!
Not Negativity about all

you guys are spilling out too much of negativity here.. :eek:hno: unnecessarily..

what's the point!? what are these shops at all? why do we happen to give so much important to 'brands'? i don't understand your logic in mentioning 'Easy Day' here too. Dude! it is like 'reliance fresh'.. it started from small cities in country.

have u seen what's happening with starbucks in mumbai:

first u say big bazar is having trouble doing business, then u yourself tell the actual reason behind closing (well, it was a news to me that big bazar at wardhaman nagar is closed).. so how are drawing the conclusion about other retailers? and first of all, how many cities do u know that hav 3 or more big bazaars? and if one closes, something new will open. what's the big deal?

pyramid is closed long ago. now there is 'Brand Factory' at the place.. and it is running absolutely fine!

given today's retail scenario in india (brand-minded) i think there is absolutely no reason why any multi-brand retail shop when rightly marketed and located, wouldn't work anywhere in top 50 cities by population.. nagpur is 13th.
Hey Guys Cool..........!
I must want to tell u that........brand in not a sign of Big City........!But We need Shop like D-Mart here that gives huge discounts on many retail option. and in Nagpur we must want to start cash business instead of credit business. But Nagpur having great potential to manage all things. and no any bad news that Bis Bazaar is not running wel in Nagpur.All stores are going good.Now as like Amravati City. It's having Bis Bazaar and D-Mart also then.?????? why don't they close if it's not having good condition in the City.So change your mind and support to all these thing........1
ppl this thread is running dry on pics and updates.

can some one arrange the updates of these:
1) Poonam mall byramji town
2) poonam mall vip road
3) poonam mall khamla
4) Taj hotel at empress city
5) if there are any new 5 star hotels opening ( maybe hyatt and holiday inn as they were initially interested)
Poonam Mall VIP road construction is going fastly.hope will start in first half of next year.
Poonam Mall Khamla-Issue just solved and waiting for next schedule for construction.
Taj Hotel may withdraw from this project due to feasibility of Customer and Response report.
and Hyatt Place will open in 2015 in Nagpur.:)
Any Updates on TCS,Mahindra Satyam Construction.......!i hear that Infy also start there construction soon...........!IBM also looking for Nagpur.......!?
BTW @ketan51356: which customer and response report are you talking about?
I mean if Taj has already hired the contractor to build the hotel building how can they back off at this point of time?
It's 2 months before news in Hitvada.If it's start in nagpur then where is construction and updates
Here is news

And one more thing where is the news about hyatt place? as in who is the contractor , which location etc.

Please see this news if you want to belive.
Any New News about Malls and MIHAN ? New Updates and Comments.....?
In Nagpur,There is a Need to restructure City Bus Scenario and Routes.Much Much need more infrastructure.
Yesterday, i got experienced about Pune Bus Day..Awesome and People also took part in this scheme.Why we not use City Bus? because lack of service and infrastructure. No proper route,no time table,no schedule.What is future plan about City which expanding rapidly.
Yes any Good News about any Upcoming Outlet ,Mall & Multiplex. I heard that Celebaration Mall having 10 Screen that true?
Any Update about Mall and Multiplex Projects in Nagpur ?
Nagpur Central is going to start by dec 2012. Its located opposite Alankar Theatre ( Poonam Mall 2). Also KFC will have an outlet over there.
Pizza Hut is also there............!
Any News About Nagpur Central Mall.......?It's located in VIP Road. I saw construction but only half is of this construction having no idea.........?
I also heard about Cognizant is also interested to start R&D center in it true?
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