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Nagpur Projects Thread

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The oldest composite textile mill in the country - the Empress Mills founded by Sir Jamsetji Tata in the heart of Nagpur has been sold by the Maharashtra State Textile Corporation (MSTC) to the Tayal family-promoted KSL & Industries.

The 35-acre mill complex, on the embankment of Gandhi Sagar Lake, to be rechristened ‘Empress City' will now host an IT Park, a five-star hotel, a 3 lakh sq ft mall and a series of upmarket residential towers.

The KSL Group bagged the closed mill for Rs 35 crore at a competitive auction with 10 bidders that included two Nagpur-based builders and a few Mumbai developers, including Kalpataru Overseas. However, the mill comes with 10,500 workers and their severance package has cost the Tayals an additional Rs 55 crore.

“Stamp duty and other interest costs has made the Empress Mills a Rs 100-crore property, but we were lucky to ‘book’ it before the real estate began shooting up,” PK Tayal told ET. “Today, it is worth over Rs 500 crore,” he claimed.
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A bit disappointing we are only looking at a skyline of only 10-15 stories. But maybe this 400 room hotel may be the one serious high-rise (bearing in mind the 35 story new Four Seasons in Mumbai is gonna have 180-190 rooms)???

The unofficial rendering of Empress City looks cool, check out the KSL web site:

I saw another unofficial rendering of Empress City on a magazine which looked very similar, but not exact to that image. So expect something very similar to come up!!! :)
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kronik said:
If you are talking about this link, then I am not sure if that is even the unofficial rendering of the project. All the pictures on the page are probably picked up from western lifestyle websites. All the pictures feature caucasians and a very American theme.
Im not taking about that link, im referring to the link above. Its on the site's homepage where you can see the 'unofficial rendering'. I myself would normally think such a rendering is too good to become reality in India. But the fact i have seen a very similar render on a magazine, the fact Hafeez is in charge of designing it and the fact this project will be based in the CBD of Nagpur (if there is such a place), than i promise this wont be another horrible suburban looking township such as those outside Delhi, but will have variation in design between buildings, with no caucasians in sight, except those on holiday!
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Bombay Boy said:
thats not a rendering. thats an image of an existing city
Why are you so sceptical?

What city is this then?....hmmm

I never claimed it was an official rendering, just an insight as to what we should expect. I would probably agree with you had i not seen a very similar design on an article in early August.

In order for KSL to make the most out of this land they have to go vertical as 25-acres is not a huge space. They've got a big name team on this with a good track record for delivering serious projects!!!

Be positive.
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Well this thread is about opinions and i understand where you guys are coming from. Its due to be completed in Dec 2007, so hopefully construction will start soon and we will be able to get a better picture in the near future.

With regards to 1400 rooms being a typo, that is true, but most reports seem to be indicating a 400 room hotel. Also do expect one high rise ultra modern IT tower.
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Sorry to revive this old thread, but as I promised you Nagpur's "Empress City" will look the business.

Check it out:
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