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Kenya's capital might be the largest city between Jo'burg and Cairo, but in itself would make an unlikely tourist destination if it weren't for three age-old assets: location, location, location:

With all the attractions in East Africa it might seem tempting to hotfoot it out of town as soon as you touch down at Kenyatta Airport, but it is worth leaving some time in the capital for a look-see.



Panari Hotel, Nairobi's newest 5* hotel, near the airport. Also home to Africa's largest Ice Rink.

Parks and Gardens

Uhuru Park & Central Park, located in central Nairobi, are the city's most famous park.

In the CBD

City Square:

Kenyatta Ave.

Kimathi St.

Nairobi National Park

Big game animals living in their natural habitat, 15 minutes from the centre of Nairobi.


Village Market Shopping Centre

Junction Shopping Centre


Golf at Windsor Country Club.


Carnivore Restaurant, rated amongst the top 50 in the world, for anything from chicken to zebra:

Press - To keep up with events at home:


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Hey, not a bad idea! :D

And despite of the great location, the city itself, for these pics, looks great as well. Very clean and tidy. Wouldn't mind about spending some days over there, thanks for the info! :D
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