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NAIROBI | Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust | Proposed

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South African-based practice Boogertman + Partners has recently won a competition to design a new education centre for the Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust in Kenya’s Karura Forest Reserve. The centre, situated on around fifteen acres of a former sports club, will be surrounded by the closed-canopy forest close to the Kenya Teachers Training College, the International Center for Research in Agro-forestryand the United Nations Environment Programme Headquarters.

Located in the northern part of Nairobi County, bordering the Muthaiga, Gigiri and Runda residential areas, the centre will seek to educate people on the many species of plants, birds, insects and mammals to be found within Karura’s diverse landscape.The forest, described by the architects as “a ‘green lung’ for the polluted city” of Nairobi, is also a “water catchment area for several rivers and has a unique recreational and educational potential for Nairobi dwellers to enjoy, understand and stay in touch with their natural heritage.” The forest itself contains a 20 meter waterfall, Mau-Mau caves, wetlands, a lily-strewn lake and over fifty kilometers of trails for bird walks or jogging.

The development will have
  • A foyer that also is a space for a permanent exhibition on Karura Forest to inform people on the history and the value of Karura Forest as well as on the history of the Shell Sports Club
  • Temporary exhibitions area on corridors or verandah and such spaces that can have interactive screens with individual controls and headsets
  • An “e-library” to exhibit and make available the most recent publications from the main environmental and forestry stakeholders in the region and around the world
  • An auditorium capable of accommodating around 200 persons to provide a main venue for topical presentations and debates
  • Small conference rooms for a maximum of 20 people each to host meetings and seminars
  • Cafeteria and eco-gift shop

A great eco-development for the forest and it's areas. I like the architecture.
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i hope they got the right land,because the KFS are really keen on developments around the forsest.I hope to see these through!
Great modern design and use of water:

I love how they have blended in with mother Nature,it's outstanding already by the renders!it will be remarkably beautiful when it's constructed!
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