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These are photos of Nairobi, capital of Kenya. Nairobi is the largest and most advanced city in East Africa.

All taken in Winter/Spring 2007:

Nairobi Law Courts


KICC (brown building) and Times Tower (white building)

North-West side of the CBD

From the Nairobi National Park area:

Dusk in the CBD - In some parts, Nairobi has a very British feel about it.

From Uhuru Park

Upper Hill Neighbourhood

A Newstand

National Archives

Kimathi Street

View over part of the CBD

Main Temple of Nairobi - Nairobi has a large Indian population.

Citi Hoppa - The preferred mode of bus-transport in the city.

Jamia Mosque and I&M Bank Tower

NSSF Tower


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The city looks so beautiful and nice shots , thanks for sharing ! From the newspaper stand , so many English magazines are sold , maybe the nation's official language is English ?

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