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NAJAF | Bayti Housing Complex | 1303 units | U/C

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Road to the complex

First construction

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Hmm, I have a weird feeling that this already has been posted somewhere
Found bigger and more recent pics, pics taken in May

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eh. why are they stacking bricks? when do they intend to finish at this rate?
In 2013, they have one year.

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I like it. I just hope they won't use the same colours for the houses in the video.

Thanks Makaay! You really contribute a lot to the Iraqi section. I appreciate it. :)
Thanks Makaay, you're the man on the iraqi forum :)
thank you Makaay !

24 months ! lets hope that would be the outcome
Heyyyy not bad.......better than nothing

Thanks makaay :)
Lol are they doing each house one by one??

Nice update though thanks Mak.
very nice, how much are the selling these for?
It's great that they're building such a thing in Najaf and get rid of the desert.

But to be honest I don't like it. The houses are way to close to each other also there is very little nature in the area. Nah, didn't like it also the houses looks awful. Is it really that hard for them to include more nature(grass, trees etc)?
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the houses architecture is so awful... with a couple of sandstorms and fews months time, with that white paint turning into page or sandy color... they will look as if they were built back in the 60s or 70s.
My friend just came back from Najaf, and he told me that the city is booming!! The roads are way better than Baghdad same with the streets. Give Najaf 5-7 years, the city will be amazing because it's a major tourist religious place
1 - 20 of 56 Posts
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