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NAJAF | City of Knowledge | Approved

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900 buildings
150 m2 --> 80%
200 m2 --> 18%
250 m2 --> 2%

will include schools, sport halls and shops...

More info available here (in arabic):
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Lol i thnk its in najaf see is actually really green !
lol never knew najaf was this green.

however i would love it if it actually happens, but they have one of the worst local councils whilst Karbala has one of the best.
ohhh sorry my bad ,, from the pic i tout its that area !

my reply was about the najaf see area ... cuz ive seen it in 2008 , its really green ! it used to be a sea thats y ... ihope theyll use it one day tho !

and about this project ya the green land in the rendering is just BS lol ...
wow had no idea, i thought if its for hawza students it would have to be near Imam Ali Shrine (as)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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