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NAJAF | City of Knowledge | Approved

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900 buildings
150 m2 --> 80%
200 m2 --> 18%
250 m2 --> 2%

will include schools, sport halls and shops...

More info available here (in arabic):
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lol never knew najaf was this green.

however i would love it if it actually happens, but they have one of the worst local councils whilst Karbala has one of the best.
oooops this is a private venture by the marjae, which means that they will not be sold but will be rented for very cheap to students.

this could actually happen
wow had no idea, i thought if its for hawza students it would have to be near Imam Ali Shrine (as)
Lol i thnk its in najaf see is actually really green !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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