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Name here the Zoo's of your country

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This is a thread where you can post photos and information of the zoo's in your country, if its a zoo with botanical gardens, aquarium... please mention it, and if you have information about the number of species ( mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibeans or invertebrates ) or number of animals as well as the area of it . This is a thread for zoo's and not for wildlife parks.
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National Zoological Gardens Of South Africa

National Zoological Gardens Of South Africa also known as Pretoria Zoo was inaugurated in 1899, in its 85 hectares it houses 3117 specimens of 209 mammal species, 1358 specimens of 202 bird species, 3871 specimens of 190 fish species, 388 specimens of 4 invertebrate species, 309 specimens of 93 reptile species, and 44 specimens of 7 amphibian species, totalling 9087 specimens of 705 species. More than 600000 people visit the zoo annually. The total length of the walkways in the Zoo is approximately 6km. An Aquarium and Reptile Park also form part of the Zoo facility. The third largest collection of exotic trees can be found at the Zoo. The world’s first white rhino to be born in a zoo was born here.

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