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Nanjing. Capital of the Jiangsu province lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze river.
It is one of 5 ancient chinese capitals and the city's history dates back to 472 BC.
In 229, Sun Quan, one of the three heroes in China's Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280), to
strengthen his influence in the middle valley of the Yangtze River, moved the capital of his
kingdom to Jianye - present Nanjing. From that time on, the city served as the capital for several dynasties in China's history.
In 1356, in a peasant rebellion, Zhu Yuanzhang, later the Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), conquered
the city and renamed it Yingtian Fu. In 1368, Zhu established the Ming Dynasty - the last feudal dynasty ruled by
the native Han people - and gave Yingtian Fu the new name of Nanjing. Ten years later, the emperor made
Nanjing the capital of the country.
After 1911 when Sun Zhong Shan's Nationalist Party other threw the Qing Dynasty thus ending
over 2000 years of Fuedalism, Nanjing became the capital once more under the Nationalist Party's
rule until 1949 when the Communist Party defeated the Nationalists in a civil war and made
Beijing the capital city once again.

Anyways, enjoy my shitty pictures...(ps some were taken from behind nasty-ass glass, so apologies in advance for some of the quality)


"Scarp!" supposed to mean "steep."

I'm loving this nearly completed set of twins:

...and now for the nasty glass shots (although they provide for a great overview of the city's infrastructure)

and a brand spanking new section of town

-----> SCROLL

The strangle speckled cluster in the middle of this pic is a huge swarm of little gnats that were flying into my eyes, nose, ears, mouth, clothes, etc while taking this photo:



What would have been an amazing picture were it not for a certain substance in the air blocking out any possibility of clarity--I'll embarassingly post this to show off the size of the city's skyline:

----------> For a while


On the way back I made a brief stop in the tourist nightmare of Suzhou.


...and in the 5 minutes it took to climb to this view point, an enormous fog drifted in, mocking my futile photographic attempts:

Typical Suzhou residential style:

And the whole deal:

Thanks for hanging around until the end.

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This is an excellent building.

I have also been to Suzhou and have climbed to the top of the Pagoda to see the tiled roofs of the city. (I'd venture to guess that it's the exact same place).

Excellent shots as always.

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XiaoBai said:
----------> For a while
hey XiaoBai,

where were you when you took this?! I love the shot....

ahhhhh!!!!! I know!

You're at the top of Liu He Ta!? yeah?? (the beautiful building on top of the hill. I went there about 6 times!)
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