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According to FCC-database, near Suffolk, Virgina, a
383.7 metres tall radio tower ( ), a 306.3 metres tall radio tower ( ) and a 306.9 metres tall radio tower ( ) are situated near Suffolk very close together. Hower Wikimapia ( ) shows only 2 towers in this area. As Wikimapia pictures may be outdated, there is the question: are there two or three towers?
Has someone pictures of the site?

Then there are some interesting questions: why is it in USA not incommon to build guyed radio towers often so closetogether? Such arrangements make maintenance work on guys difficult and if one of the towers has a structural failure, the other can be affected too!
In case of transmission sites only used for FM and TV transmission ( and this may be all sites in USA with towers taller than 260 metres), there is no requirement to build multiple towers close together. Why is it not common to build instead only one more stable tower capable to carry all antennas instead of two or three?
Dude, what is your obsession with radio towers? What is the big deal?

Do you think there is some kind of conspiracy theory or something...:lol:
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