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A large project that hasn't been announced yet was stumbled upon by a poster on UP today. The site plan for the development was found on the Metro Planning website.

The development calls for a mixed-use multi-tower structure that includes a 25 story residential tower with 270 units, and a 16 story hotel with 220 room. The site plan also shows restaurant and bar space, meeting space, and space for commercial and retail. Also, both residential and hotel uses will have pools and structured parking.

Here's the link to the site plan.

An illustration done by PHofKS of UP showing the location.

Also a rendering he did in fantasy concept showing how the buildings would look with all the other development in the area. They are the brownish/redish and light blue buildings on the upper left. Directly to the right of them is the 25 story planned 'Skyhouse Nashville', to the right of that is the planned Virgin Hotel, to the right of that is the 19 story apartment tower 'Element' (under construction), and the planned 17 story Lennar project to the right of that. At the bottom in the center is the 19 story Buckingham project that just started.
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