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The first in a series of neighborhood tours of Nashville is Elliston-West End. Elliston is a historical hood that sets inside the greater West End neighborhood. It is only a few blocks by a few blocks in size for the most part. Probably one of the smallest neighborhoods in the city as a whole, but definatly one of the more interesting. Very hip, energetic, young, and liberal (thank god)...the Elliston neighborhood sits directly in the middle of the Medical District of West End. Business' flourish along Elliston Place and Church Street, the main arteries. Baptist Hospital is directly beside Elliston and Vanderbilt University is only one block away as well.

Housing stock is pretty impressive for the most part, but urban renewal took a toll on the area. Some structures were saved though, which is always a good thing.

Here we go....

New mixed-use construction.

Exit/In. The single best place to find local and national live music in the city. This is a locals hangout.

The End. Another great place to see live bands.

Clothing store.

Music shop and the only real soda fountain left int he city. This place is historical.

Corporate money sucking off the hospital.

Part of the district.

Good sushi bar.

Back the other direction.

Some housing stock.


Skyline from Elliston.

Best coffee shop in town. Cafe CoCo.

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Ahh, the memories. I lived in Carmicheal Towers at Vandy so this was my old stomping grounds, esp. Exit/In, the End, and Elliston Place Soda Shop. And that Krispy Kreme, I must admit! I wish you would have put a pic of the Methodist Church next to the Caterpillar building (great courtyard) or some actual pics of Vanderbilt itself since it's such a great campus (you feel like you're totally isolated from the city even though it's right in the middle of the West End) but I definitely love the pics you got!
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