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NASHVILLE | Thompson hotel | 120ft | 12 fl | T/O

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Here's a bigger picture of the render.

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Such cool news. I really loved the previous 11th & Pine proposal for this site, but a Thompson Hotel will be another awesome addition for Nashville. I'm crossing my fingers they do a good job with the retail component which was one of the things I appreciated the most about the previous proposal.
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I'm looking forward for this to start, and it's great that Thompson hotels will be coming to Nashville, but I wish this was a little taller. Something in the 300' range would have been perfect for that location. I do like the design though, and I actually prefer this over the previous proposal.

Here's the previous proposal for reference.

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Parking Issue

I wonder how big the footprint will be. And what will the building look like from the side not pictured in this rendering?

Will they save part of the current parking lot, build an attached garage, and/or construct spaces underground?

I mean, I'm pretty sure that looks like a descending ramp on the 12th Ave. side...

P.S. Wouldn't one hotel moving into the Gulch mean there will be more hotels to come, which may, in turn, lead to a greater impetus for that Gulch-SoBro bridge?
It looks curvaceous. I think it'll take up the remainder of the block by 404 Hotel and Station Inn. Thankfully, there's not enough space for surface parking so it'll probably have an underground garage.
Oh, you're right: there really isn't much space, is there? That is promising! (Google Maps makes me want to live in Nashville again...if only I could afford the rent.)
The Thompson Hotel landed $4M in TIF today.

New Gulch luxury hotel lands $4M in public financing
Article is still behind pay wall for now. A March start date is what's being said for this project.

Demo could signal looming start for Thompson Hotel
Groundbreaking set for Gulch boutique hotel

Ground will be broken Thursday, March 5, in the Gulch on the Thompson Nashville hotel, officials involved with the project announced today.

The boutique hotel will rise at the split of 11th and 12th avenues (see here in an image courtesy of Google Maps).

The 224-room hotel, a price tag for which is not being disclosed, will sit on 0.64 acres on what had been a gravel parking lot. Rising 12 stories, the structure will share the block home to the buildings housing venerable live music venue The Station Inn and The 404 Hotel and Kitchen.
Nashville-based Hastings Architecture Associates is designing the building, which also will feature retail space and is slated for a late 2016 completion.

Nashville-based MarketStreet Enterprises, the MDHA-appointed master developer of the Gulch, owns the site and will oversee the development. Commune Hotels & Resorts, AJ Capital Partners and The Berger Company will participate.

JE Dunn, which is also locally based, will serve as the general contractor.

A ceremonial event, with Mayor Karl Dean to attend, will be held at Sambuca (across 12th from the site) at 10:30 a.m.
So far, there is a very nice hole dug! Sorry for no picture
Blue! ...question: What color will the crane be? hehehe

It's amazing to think what this building will do. At 12 stories, it will be shorter than the crane (obviously), but it will completely box in the corner of 11th and 12th
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Not much of a pic, sorry. But looks to be at street level now

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They are on 6 of 12. May top by end of year or end of January.
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