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Ur State Company
By: Sarmad Faez
Ur State Company one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Companies concluded a contract with Ibn Seina State Company to supply and install Industrial Water Unit (RO) for Oxide and coloring plant and other contract with Al Zawra State Company to modernize supply and install the electric station Aluminum plant Industrial Water pumps. Engineer Jaleel Muheisen Ali the company General Director clarified to MIM information bureau that the company concluded a contract with State Directorate for Middle Euphrates Power Distribution to supply with 24 Km electric cable and wires at a value of 227 million I.D. where the company supply 1113 Km wires through its concluded contract with State Directorate of Southern Power Distribution at a value of 3.087 billion I.D. the General Director referred to the arriving of 28.424 tons size 8 mlm of copper according to concluded contract with Al Shaheed State Company. It is to be noted that Ur State Company achieved through last August (182) tons of production at a value of (10) billion and (969) million I.D. in addition to (1.082) billion sales achievement.
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