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NEC Hall | Pendigo Way | Refurb | Comp.

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:banana: been hoping for this for years!!

Reference PL/2017/03298/PPFL
Alternative Reference PP-06601477
Application Received Tue 12 Dec 2017
Application Validated Wed 13 Dec 2017
Address National Exhibition Centre Pendigo Way National Exhibition Centre Solihull B40 1NT
Proposal External facelift of NEC Halls 1, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 5 by recladding the external elevations
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I like it - will last another 43 years.
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Looking good! Reminds me of that old optical illusion image that was at the top of the entrance stairs in the BMAG.
Simple but really smart ideas here.
^^ they don't need to.

I think these external elevations are great and such a simple effective way to refresh it. That old digital clock tower could do with 4 Elonex screens showing the time on to finish this all off.
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