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NEC Hall | Pendigo Way | Refurb | Comp.

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:banana: been hoping for this for years!!

Reference PL/2017/03298/PPFL
Alternative Reference PP-06601477
Application Received Tue 12 Dec 2017
Application Validated Wed 13 Dec 2017
Address National Exhibition Centre Pendigo Way National Exhibition Centre Solihull B40 1NT
Proposal External facelift of NEC Halls 1, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 5 by recladding the external elevations
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I'm sure this proposal comes in preparation of the wider development plans happening behind the scenes. I feel like it would be useful to post this so people don't labour under the impression that this represents the extent of UGC's ambition for this site...

From the UK Central Masterplan

National Exhibition Centre Development

Phase 1 | 2018 - 2022

The NEC Group and Birmingham City Council (BCC) will have a completed high level masterplan for the NEC site responding to known current market and forecast demand for leisure related land-uses. The opening of Resorts World in October 2015 was the first step in realising their vision.

The ambition of the NEC is to progress development within the context of the wider Hub vision and complementary to the NEC Group’s existing live events business to enable a compelling lifestyle brand to be created. The aim is to maintain the NEC’s existing amount of car parking and a high level strategy for this has been established.

The NEC’s site development ambition in the earlier phases of the masterplan can be delivered prior to and regardless of these major infrastructure schemes and could include: a Combined Heat and Power plant (end of 2017); a leisure box (early 2018); a hotel (2019); film studios; initial residential apartments; office space and other mixed-use development.

• Combined Heat and Power: completed by Q4 2017
• Office: 4,600m2
• Mixed-use (including Leisure Box): 27,300m2
• Hotel (H1) – open in 2018: approx. 7,900m2
• Film Studios – 2020/1: approx. 6-8ha
• Residential: 130 units (potential for up to 550 units)

Phase 2 | 2023 - 2027

It is envisaged that within this phase, building on the achievements within Phase 1, further development and facilities could be introduced, such as an additional hotel, residential apartments, offices and a greater range of mixed-use development.

• Hotel: approx. 17,000m2
• Office: approx. 56,000m2
• Mixed-use: approx. 73,000m2
• Industrial Use: 16,000m2
• Residential: 420 units

Phase 3 | 2028 - 2032

Ongoing office development at the NEC is likely to be incremental in character and trade at a discount to the areas immediately adjacent to the HS2 Station. There is likely to be development of further leisure facilities in the north of the site. Residential development is likely to be completed in this phase of sustained growth.

Phase 4 | Beyond 3032

Although timescales for longer term developments are as yet undefined, it is envisaged that the northern part of the site could be developed for leisure destination uses, potentially including a theatre venue, additional visitor attractions and mixed-uses.
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