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Need for Photographers

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Hii everyone :)

Here at SSC we deal with Photos mainly infact under the Nigerian SSC forum all are based on Photos except from "Naija" and "Economy & Development Issues" and we have many projects here be it Minor or Major that we dont have pictures of or in some have never gotten a picture of. :eek:hno:

So what am suggesting is this : we need to have what i call "Standby Photographers" in place for example me, being that i live in Abuja i could take pictures or videos of required places whether the pictures are in heritage,nigerian cities and town,generally photography,projects both minor and major e.t.c

This would make sure we have latest updates of Projects as they are some projects that we never had a photographic update of for example Lagos Light Rail if not that i snapped a picture from a newspaper and posted it here nobody would have seen any update of the project,another example is Abuja Light Rail,Illorin Mosque and so on...

Not only that it would let us know the 'exact' state of projects as if we had "standby photographers" we could know whether a particular project has been stalled or being under construction from the updates we hope to get from the "standby photographers"

Due to the fact that most of the projects are located in Lagos we need to have a "standby photographer" for Lagos it may be somebody here or a relation or a friend of a user here on this Forum

So please if you reside in Lagos or know someone who resides in Lagos whether a family relation/friend or someone who visits Lagos at least once in every 6 weeks please let us know as we would kindly furnish him/her with the details of projects that we need photos of like Lagos Light Rail,Lagos Badagry Expressway and so on...
Am sure people on this forum know someone who does

Come to think of it,it would make this forum a better forum

Please endeavor do try your best in respect to this
And am sure we would be happy to see updates at least once in a month

And the "Standby photographer" can post updates at least once in a month or he/she could actually go to the project site and make enquires about a particular project and

And the "Standby Photographers" if possible should not be limited to Lagos and Abuja Alone if Possible

And please let us know if you have gotten someone who could do this for us
What are your views and suggestions people
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Good! Finally somebody is taking the task of providing photos.That would go a long way to help better understand the level of things happening in the nation of Nigeria.

We really appreciate such effort from you here!
Great Idea xterra2...It would be great if we have some volunteers...
wow not that much what, initiate a draft :)
wow not that much what, initiate a draft :)
Exactly not much volunteers :eek:hno:

Nobody wants to Contribute just to see pictures other users post :eek:hno:
Not knowing that getting the pictures is not easy at all ,
Especially the projects pictures
PaddyLo is already in Naija...he will be of immense help
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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