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Nestle to buy Uncle Tobys

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Nestle to buy Uncle Tobys
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AdvertisementFood group Burns Philp and Company is set to sell snack food business Uncle Tobys to Nestle Australia Ltd for $890 million.

"Burns Philp has today entered into an agreement with Nestle Australia Ltd to sell its Australian Uncle Tobys nutritious snacks, breakfast cereals and soups business for a total price of $890 million," the company said in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange.

The company said the sale excluded the Bluebird Foods salty and wrapped snacks business in New Zealand, for which it continued to assess its strategic options.

Burns Philp said the sale of Uncle Tobys was subject to the approval of regulators and shareholders.

''The sale to Nestle is expected to be completed shortly after the satisfaction of these conditions,'' the company said.

Burns Philp appointed Deutsche Bank to advise on the sale of Uncle Tobys and Bluebird brands in January, a month after the successful $2.1 billion float of its bakery and spreads division, Goodman Fielder.

At the time, analysts speculated that the sale of both brands could fetch between $975 million and $1.2 billion.

Rival food companies such as Arnott's, Unilever, Cadbury Schweppes and Pepsi had been mentioned as possible contenders for the business, along with private equity players flush with cash.

In February, Burns Philp reported a first half profit of $581.1 million, which was down 37 per cent on the previous corresponding half, under new accounting standards.

Its snack foods division posted $199.4 million in revenue during the six-month period amid heightened competition, down from $208.3 million in the same period a year earlier.


Another big one getting snapped up!

btw is Uncle Toby's an all Australian company? Or foreign owned? Can't remember.
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Two major issues:
1. Appalling that another Australian company will be foreign-owned.
2. The purchase of Uncle Toby's by Nestle is anti-competitive. Nestle already has too greater share of the food industry IMHO.

I hope this is blocked outright by the ACCC, just like it blocked the sale of Woodside a few years ago. (It was not in the national interest for foreigners to own Woodside, apparently).

Well, at least some brands have come back to Australia. You will be pleased to know that these two iconic brands are now Australian owned again:

Remember Peter's Ice-Cream. Unless you are in WA, it is Nestle Peters with the Nestle part prominant.

As for the ratio of foreign company takeovers versus Australians taking over, I see this as two separate issues. I am happy to see Australian companies take over foreign companies if their respective governments think it is okay. But that does not mean we have to put up with the same thing here. There needs to be come control over this... balance is the key.
nagelixin said:
Id give the 'Uncle Toby's' brand about 5 years left of its life, before all products are branded Nestle.

12 months all products will be Nestle Uncle Tobys before it is phased out.
Now there is an over-used and abused phrase: Hasn't the world always been globalised?

zach24 said:
well foreign investment is a result of globalisation
zach24 said:
What i'm more scared of is foreign ownership of our land. the Japanese and Chinese prominently, they've done it in the states and New Zealand as well.
I am not so concerned by this. The ownership of land in Australia does not grand one much power... it has minimal economic and social impact. The ownership of major companies is a bigger problem IMHO.
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