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Project: Abu Dhabi Tower Clock
Location: New Corniche, Abu Dhabi
Status: Approved
Height: 200m
Construction start: ??
Construction end: ??
Archtect: Roger Taillibert

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First 200m tower for Abu Dhabi, tallest on completion. Added to emporis.
From Taillibert website

Symbol of Abu Dhabi since the creation of the city, this project to be realized, will be the emblem of this city.

Erected at a crossroad situated on a headland over the sea, this tower will be constituted of a museum in its basis, of a glass veil encircling offices and of a panoramic restaurant, where on its frontwall will pass by permanently, owing to a computer : the day, the hour, and the temperature.

This tower will be seen from very far, and will be illuminated by night. It will constitute the symbol of the founder father of the city of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh ZAYED, relying on the modernity and his dynamism. This President knew how to create a true federal capital.

The structure of this monument is composed of a concrete core and of glazed frontwalls. Lifts will be climbing up to the panoramic point and to the computerized clock. This architecture is the result of an international competition motivating the importance of this capital city.

Its height, deliberately limited to 200 m expresses the rigour of this Emirate regarding its choices well ordered with respect to the urbanism.
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from where do we know this one is approved?
is it under c already?
Great!! Architecture like a Dhow and a pearl on top! Dazz really this one has SOME STYLE! :D
I guess it is approved becoz the website says "Symbol of Abu Dhabi since the creation of the city, this project to be realized, will be the emblem of this city."
Changed the status to proposed on emporis, just in case.
i dunno bout the design. its intersting but itll take a while to get used to.
a few q's though
how will it be a clock tower if theres no sign of a clock on the outside.i guess the only element of time is inside.
whats that ball going to be?an observation deck?
and whats with the seethrough material on the back...whats the material used there.

pretty amature q's but im curious
Contacted the architects for more details. Let's hope they reply.
I don't think they will build this one, if you see the pics of the New Corniche you'll notice that the area of this proposed tower can not possibly fit it. There are plans to build a "thinner" one.
doesnt seem to flow with the rest of the city, i dont like it in that area, maybe more open space area, maybe dubai even, but not there
its might not fit not but it add a good bench mark for the future
Definately a cool tower, but I agree, it won't fit in the skyline.
It looks great, they should go ahead and build it.
On it's own, it looks amazing.

But the design really feels out of place when you look at it with its surroundings.

They should definitely build something like it though, at the very least.
A lot of construction seems to be going on at the site for which this tower is proposed, no board or any signs of wot seems be under construction.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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