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NEVER BUILT-Abu Dhabi: VOYAGER WHEEL (World's Largest Ferris Wheel)

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ABU DHABI to build the world's largest ferris Wheel , 600 feet high ,

there was a picture of it on the front page of the business section of the bayan paper this morning,

so if anyone can scan it (i am too lazy) or look it up, its a very cool design
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600ft that's incredibly tall for a wheel

i'm not sure but there also is one of these huge wheels in london, it's likely to be the world's tallest for now
the one in london is 443ft high, this is gonna pass it by a big margin ,
sorry guys, but here is the article in arabic,
no picture on the site though
the 750 in the headline, is the cost of the theme park 750 million dirhams
no news on that, some theme park developed by someperson (they mentioned the person's name, some local sheikh i think )
nope, it all its says, is the project is done by the Bin salem group,
and that the ferris wheel, will make a full rotation every 27 minutes,
each cabinat will fit around 20 people, latest technology latest this and that, thats all really
awesome, cant wait for more details and would definitely like to know which theme park is this, is it an existing one wit an expansion or a totally new project. Maybe its the Lulu island that MEED has confirmed is still happening?!
Sharjah is building one on Al Qasba canal as well and its 60 meters high.
I replied in the world forums. It's good it's in Abu Dhabi and not Dubai to balance things out, or atleast everythin isn't in Dubai ;).
sad there is no info on the location in abu dhabi
corniche would be great

moved to uae projects

It´s definately a new landmark.. looks so great and massive, good for abu dhabi. :applause:
wooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!! this is amaizing!!!!
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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