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#NEVER BUILT-Beirut: "Gemmayze 18" | 14F Res

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Gemmayze 18

Beirut, Lebanon

UPDATE: This project has been CANCELLED due to a 2006 law that prohibited high-rises in the Gemmayze district.

The “Gemmayze 18” project is situated on Lot # 18 in Gemmayze, a neighborhood with active pedestrian life that has become one of the most popular residential areas of Beirut. Located on Rue Gouraud, the main street of this lively area on the eastern periphery of downtown Beirut, the site is centrally situated at only three minutes walking distance from the city center.
Known for its traditional character, most of the area’s buildings date from the first half of the 20th century, providing a dense urban fabric that’s made up of low-rise constructions. The area’s typical architecture features a mix of Mandate, local and regional influences.

The development includes a total of 4997.5 m2 of residential space on 14 floors. It offers a large variety of apartment types which are placed around a central circulation core.
On the ground and 1st floor we propose two “townhouse” apartments. The townhouses apartments extend over two levels, as one 358m2 four bedroom apartment with 188.5m2 of garden space in addition to a 242m2 three bedroom apartment with 58m2 of garden / terrace space respectively.
From the 2nd up to the 12th floor we propose a number of different apartment types. The first option is a two bedroom apartment with 185m2 or 192.5 m2 including 35m2 of balcony space. The second option provides three bedrooms on the same surface. A third option offers an apartment occupying the whole floor featuring four bedrooms on a surface of 377.5m2 including 70m2 of balcony space.
On top of the typical floor plates we propose an independent penthouse pavilion with three bedrooms on 245m2 surface with a terrace of 145m2.
The underground levels are used for parking with a total of 52 cars, in addition to technical spaces serving the building as well as for the residents’ cellars.

Our scheme has no solid vertical elements apart from its central core and its structural columns. The recessed internal façade is completely glazed on all orientations.
A continuous balcony runs along the entire perimeter of every floor plate providing a panoramic extension to the interiors with views on all orientations.
A continuous organic mesh is wrapped around the whole periphery rising 50 meters vertically and providing partial shading to the interiors.
The greenery will grow out of planters that are held by the continuous structure of the façade on a diagonal grid of 1.4 by 3 meters.
The body of our building doesn’t intersect with the neighboring constructions as it sets back from the plot limits on all orientations.
A crown of cypress trees is placed on the roof of the building. The trees are our contribution to the neighborhood skyline.
Our project should not read as a solid mass, its organic façade should provide a graceful and sensitive addition to its urban environment.


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Can anyone take pics of this tower since it is apparently U/C?
^^ You're right it doesn't suit this neighborhood.... or any neighborhood for that matter. It looks like a giant abandoned metal structure with vines growing through it.
It has been a while since we have heard anything about this project... has anyone been to the area recently and know the status of construction?
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