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#NEVER BUILT-Beirut: "Ghais Residence"

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Not a highrise,but unique residence."i just love it"
By bernard khoury.

The Ghais Residence is situated on a prime location in Beirut, benefiting from an exceptional unobstructed sea-view, in a high-end residential area of the corniche frontage.
Our design strategy proposes to capitalize on the distinct features of the site by transferring the reference level to + 18m, whereby the core functions of the program are elevated high above the potential nuisance of the adjacent highway, while enjoying a panoramic view to the sea on the upper levels. This also allows us to clear most of the ground level from built mass. The resulting perception of the residence, unlike the conventional neighboring residential typologies, is that of an elevated mass suspended over a densely planted landscape
The main reception area is supported by bundles of braced steel columns. It occupies the entire top floor, with a large glazed window to the sea, and an introverted terrace, overlooking the garden on the ground level, which allows access to the roof.
The roof-terrace is a wide leisure-platform . The wood-clad terrace-deck, accessible by both the spiraling ramp and the hydraulic reception platform, incorporates the pool-deck, hence allowing it to act as an extension to the reception.
A rectangular pavilion stretches itself along the length of the southern side of the site, accommodating the bulk of the ‘residential’ program.
The parents’ quarters are located under the reception level. Their bedroom pavilion is contained in a wood-clad box hanging under the reception.
The ground floor consists of a central garden with dense landscape, with for main feature, a central ramp which spirals its way up to the roof-terrace. The car enters the plot into the central court, engulfed by the surrounding landscape. A transparent bullet-proof glazed fence wraps around the site and its sloping landscape, allowing a continuous perception of the greenery.


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Interesting, where in Beirut is this coming up?
It seems that this is after Ramlet el Baida region, on the road to Sheraton Coral Beach. My reference was those palm trees.
Libano said:
nice building. from where do u get the rederings hassoun ??[/QUO

on this site you will find more of this projects..its the site of bernard khoury lebanaise famoust architekt
Very nice .. it looks like a art gallery.
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