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#NEVER BUILT: DUBAI TOWERS - DUBAI, 54-97F, 360 - 550 m, Mixed use (The Lagoons)

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Sama Dubai unveils ‘Dubai Towers’

Sama Dubai, the real estate development and investment arm of Dubai Holding has announced the launch of ‘Dubai Towers – Dubai’, a cluster of breath-taking towers that combine, to form a truly inspiring and dynamic sculpture.

Centrepiece of ‘The Lagoons’ Central Business District, the ‘Dubai Towers - Dubai’ will comprise four state-of-the-art towers for residential, commercial, retail and hospitality purposes. Ranging between 57–94 floors, the estimated date of completion of ‘Dubai Towers - Dubai’ complex is mid 2010.

Launched under the ‘Dubai Towers’ brand of Sama Dubai, the iconic structures will feature a choreographed concept of form and function to metaphorically represent the movement of candle light.

Farhan Faraidooni, CEO, Sama Dubai said: “Symbolising hope, growth, harmony and opportunity, ‘Dubai Towers – Dubai’ represents an unique investment opportunity for those seeking a corporate lifestyle experience combined with peace and tranquillity in the seven beautifully landscaped islands of ‘The Lagoons’.”
Visible from extended distances as the main feature of ‘The Lagoons’ skyline, ‘Dubai Towers–Dubai’ will reflect the UAE’s futuristic vision and commitment to foster creativity and originality.

Faraidooni added: “As signature components of Sama Dubai, the ‘Dubai Towers’ brand is committed to sharing Dubai’s evolutionary and innovative achievements in the property sector with the world. In every country identified as a potential market for ‘Dubai Towers,’ Sama Dubai will develop exclusive landmark towers that reflect its distinctive personality.”

The ‘Dubai Towers’ brand is committed to deliver developments that offer a consistent and complete corporate experience, not just for businesses, but also for the people who live and work there. As the UAE’S gateway to international real estate investment and development, Sama Dubai is currently developing ‘Dubai Towers – Doha’, ‘Dubai Towers - Casablanca’ and ‘Dubai Towers – Istanbul’ under the ‘Dubai Towers’ brand.

As well as their bold architecture and prime locations, the ‘Dubai Towers’ will be characterised by the range of additional facilities they offer including retail, restaurants, entertainment, health spas, gymnasiums, hotels and residential apartments that create a vibrant, dynamic community.
The ‘Dubai Towers – Dubai’ will be revealed at the upcoming Cityscape exhibition taking place December 4-6 at the Dubai International Exhibition Center. The towers’ model will be showcased at ‘The Lagoons’ stand in hall 1, stand F30.

‘The Lagoons’ is a mixed-use freehold development being built along the Dubai Creek coastline. The AED 65 billion (US$ 18 billion) project will cover an area of 70 million square feet over 40 kilometres of waterfront land. Located next to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, ‘The Lagoons’ will ensure harmonious existence with the surrounding eco-systems.

‘The Lagoons’ will appeal to tourists seeking cultural attractions with its theatre, museum, arts center and Dubai’s opera house.
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lol, just wanted to create this thread

was just a matter of time

awesome architecture and freaking tall :eek:

Is it a trademark for all Dubai Towers to be twisty?
We need a big render of this, awesome
Which of the seven islands will be used for these towers?
Sama Dubai`s Dubai Towers in Dubai- what a name
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:mg: :eek:mg: :eek:mg: :eek:mg:

Best towers I ever seen!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

Any informations about the height?
sweet looking towers mashala :)
glad they've decided to invest more in architecture :p
awesome towers!! look really amazing!
These Skeletor claws would've complemented Nuaimi Tower's horns.

And the Dr. Claw building from Dubai Waterfront:

Was wondering, aren't Sama digging a hole for themselves by launching loads of huge, really expensive to build towers even though none of their projects have risen beyond a hole in the ground? Not saying this'll happen but hopefully they won't turn into another damac / nakheel. If you check the site of dubai towers doha you'll see the site has been looking the same for a year or more (there are workers there all the time though)

These remind me of icecream cones without the cone.
The shape of these aren't too hard to model since all you have to do is make the basic shape and raise it up to the full height, then divide it into loads of sections and use the move and scale tools to shape the tower. The problem is the faces themselves twist which means you have to do it the long way, do the same as before but rotate each section and join all the points together
LoL what a structure!

reminds me of Final Fantasy game..
The tower are interesting but let`s be realistic. I think there is a big danger that they will not be build because they are close to the airport.
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