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#NEVER BUILT: "Hyatt Regency Hotel & Conference Center Kuwait City", 8F, Hotel

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I found this really interesting gem somewhere on the Internet a while ago and I've been meaning to post it. Better late than never, right?

This is a proposal for a Hyatt Regency hotel and full-fledged convention center that was proposed way back in 1975. I can't help but be completely floored by this concept - the hotel and overall complex look absolutely massive! The hotel building itself has a timeless classicism to it; I think it would cohesively fit in with all the modern, glassy buildings we have today while retaining its 70s feel. This could have been our equivalent of the Sheraton in Doha, which began construction way back in 1978 and opened in 1980. That Sheraton is one of Doha's iconic landmarks today, something Qataris are proud of. What have we got, the Kuwait Towers? Even our Towers are badly maintained and in need of a major overhaul.

Seeing something like this hurts me because it shows how much potential Kuwait had several decades ago and reminds me how we're doing nothing but spiraling into a neoconservative hellhole without thinking of how to invest in a future that we could be proud of.




Client: Kuwait Hotels Co.
Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Starting Date: 1975
Completion: 1977
Cost: 33,000,000 KD

Project Description:

The site of Hyatt Regency Kuwait on Kuwait Bay, overlooks a traditionaly landscaped Arab park in downtown Kuwait City. The focus of six floor, 586 room luxury hotel will be a large landscaped atrium lobby. Restaurants, commercial space, recreational facilities, service amenities and the hotel rooms will face on the atrium. The fully air-conditioned hotel will feature 16 special duplex suites on the top two floors in addition to its many luxury suites. An adjoining conference center, similar in character to the United Nations General Assembly Hall, will provide seating for 700 presons. Fixed seating for 400 will be placed on the main floor with 300 filling the balcony, which can be subdivided for smaller conferences. Parking for 885 cars will be below grade. Recreatinal activities such as swimming and boating and the hotel's health club will be linked to the hotel by an underpass to the beach.

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