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name: Palm Tower
Height: 360m
Start: 2006?
complete: 2009?
developer: Nakheel

I saw the concepts of the tower which will replace the pinnacle on the Jumeriah Palm. Its a unique tower in the shape of an opening flower (the facade sort of pulls away towards the top) and consists of residentail at the top, hotel below and a concert hall and commercial at the base.
Its a funky design and will look good, cant wait for them to announce the tower.
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sounds awesome....

now how can we reqisition a render?
nice .. can u provide a render ?
we already know what it looks like!!! check thepalm jumeirah thread and the new palm jumeirah masterplan

it's the small orange opening flower tower in the middle, don't you remember

but on the render it looks like a 150m tower
it's a stunner but 150m seems more realistic to me ?
360m , wow that's great, and the tower looks fat! :) :)
so it seems i wonder if it will contain a hotel ?

I was in Dubai again this weekend, i saw the new model of the trunk in the Palm sales office, the new building looked like it was about 4 times higher than the shoreline apartments, which are about 12 floors each. Unfortunately i didnt take a picture of the model.

I stayed in the Chelsea tower, managed to get up onto the roof and take some pictures i will upload them once i get home.

that would be great ALt-Tab .. :)
so 4*12 = 48 floors hmm doesn't seem like a 360m to me ?
the development director from nakheel said in his speach that it was 360m and 80F. I also thought it looked low for 80F but put it down to the idea that most dubai renders arent to scale.
As for the pic by Dennis, thats the one except the leaves were a more yellow colour
oh ok as long as it is confidential ... by the way did the model u saw look better than our render ?
i saw renders not the model
BinDubai said:
oh ok as long as it is confidential ... by the way did the model u saw look better than our render ?
The model looked great, much more detail than the current render, I wish i had taken a picture of it, but I was in a hurry to go Jet-sking.

btw its looks like they have changed the Oceana and Jewel segments, of the Palm Marina apartments on the latest model, I dont think these have been selling well, and it now looks like they have scaled back the number of apartments to 50%. Now there is only a single row instead of a V shaped block for Jewel and Oceana.

Also i saw alot people returning Lost city and Palm Marina apartments to Nakheel for 1% contract cancellation charge.

that's bad news :S nakheel needs to spend more time desiging their projects
not sure
seems like a very minior looking tower or building
BinDubai said:
it's a stunner but 150m seems more realistic to me ?
Remember how fat pinnical was so there is no reason to think this is short.
there indeed is a reason to think this is a shorty
i was at nakheel's sales centre and they have replaced the pinnacle by this tower

in the model it's only 3 times taller than the shoreline apartments buildings!

anyway, the pinnacle wasn't true to scale either!!!
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