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#NEVER BUILT :"Unknown Commercial Complex"

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Located in the heart of one of Kuwait’s commercial districts, this project
aims to provide a new marketability to a site that SSH developed
in the early 1970s. An existing linear shopping centre, running approximately
210 meters along Salem Al-Mubarak St., shall be replaced
by a new development that would enclose the shopping experience
to render a more hospitable building that responds to Kuwait’s
harsh climate as it introduces a modern interpretation of retail design.
This development shall be part of a larger network of shopping areas located
in the vicinity, some of which are owned by the same owner of this development.The owner wishes, in the future, to connect all his properties by
means of bridges that traverse the pedestrian-unfriendly streets in the area.
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a design that would desiroy SSH's reputation
The project seems quite interesting. I would love to visit it one day when it's done in Salmiyah. But can anyone guess where this will be ? I'm guessing that it will be in the location of Al Rabe'a Complex.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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