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NEVER, EVER go down Flinders Lane

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Look boys, it's all mixed up. The plan was for a quiet drink at the Club. Then this arty guy named Garry Shepherd
got ahold me, and I think he slipped me a mickey.

After a while my head started spinning, I start seeing frigging faeries, flashes of the past and present, flood and famine.

It's all Shepherd's work.

Anyway, you'll see ...we ended up at some "techno' Club called The Maze ...

Stepped outside for some air ...

Then I was here ...188 frigging 3!

Who the ****'s that?

up dere!

No fucker in sight



I wish that frigging horse would stay still...uuh, 1876

All gone ...

All gone...1881 gas fitter fuckers

How'd I get out here? Fliunders Street 1870

Bit wet !...hey, that's 1863 you dickheads

I'm guing back!

Where wuz I?

Thass not the way!

ah, home ...


Yeash...this'h it

ober dere...


Tha'sh my baby

Garry Shepherd's from something called Wold Dragon Moonshine. Got a website.Yeah!

Anyway, thas my advice...

Never, ever go down Flinders Lane, unless you know what your doing. Like I do...

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^^ *boom tish*

Loving the historical shots! Nice & funny thread BTW Bronteboy :eek:kay:

Oh gosh, a very similar thing happened to me.....after seeing the movie "Moulin Rouge", I started to see Kylie Minogue though as the green fairy...everywhere I tells ya!

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Great thread - love the old CTA photos! :)

Commercial Travellers' Association said:
With all its modern facilities, the C.T.A. has fiercely preserved its unhurried atmosphere of the gay "ninties"...
As Borat would say, "nice". :cheers:
:lol: Great stuff Bronteboy!! :banana:
Below, my own shot of the entrance of the Commercial Travellers' Association, love this building. :rock:

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