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New Baseball Stadium and Streetcars for Omaha?

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Stumbled across this elsewhere.

Synopsis: Omaha officials want to build a new 9,000 seat stadium for Creighton and AAA Royals baseball which is expandable to 25,000 for the College World Series. Under this plan, Omaha would get rid of famed Rosenblatt stadium which annually hosts the college world series. They apparently want to start negotiations to extend the College World Series contract until 2020 as it currently expires in 2010. As part of the overall development, the mayor wants to build a streetcar system that would connect Creighton, the major attractions, and downtown.

Anyway, it all seems very, very early in the planning stages at the moment and would greatly depend on the NCAA preferences in negotiating an extension for the College World Series.

But, I am really impressed with Omaha's development and vision. The new arena, which seemed odd to build at the time, seems to be doing marvelous with Creighton filling it for basketball and, as well as the national championships for volleyball went, I would not be surprised if they make Omaha the annual site for the NCAA volleyball championships too. Just wanted to give Omaha some props. People are noticing.
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Does Omaha still have Ollie the Trolley? I lived not too far from Rosenblatt. I remember going there for the July 4th fireworks.
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