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New Bedford, MA

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Hi I am a new user from Southeastern MA. I live in New Bedford, a city of approx 100,000. I have pictures I would like to post but I have been trying to figure out how to upload them. I guess I will get back to this when I figure it out! Thanks
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If it is saved on a file in your computer, all you need to do is make an account on an image hosting site such as, upload your pictures onto that, and then copy and paste the URLs onto a reply page.
oooh, you are close. Ok, go back to your photobucket account, and look in your album. You copy and pasted the first line, that just gives you a URL. If you go back and go to the bottom line where it says "img", and copy and paste that. That will make your pictures show up on this page.
^^ Like the cobblestone streets and the "old tyme New England" charm.
Me too, that first picture is pretty cool for a small New England city
first off welcome to the club. lol

nice collection of photos seem to be a damn fine photo taker, good work.

City looks wonderful, clean and historic...great to see.

I remember seeing this city when I was a kid, maybe 15-18 years ago, my dad said "thats an old New England city, lots of history" looked much 'gitty(er)' then.
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Thanks everyone for the help in posting the pictures...I will know how from now on! probably saw the city from I-195, and your memory is probably right, it is still pretty gritty along the highway!
Surprisingly interesting.
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