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New Bislett Stadium, Oslo

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They are building a new stadium to replace the old one, an atheltics stadium finished in 1940.

It was used as an ice skating arena during the 1952 olympics and in many years since. It was also the home of Vålerenga IF for many many years until they moved to Ullevål Stadium for a brief period during the 90's and permanently from 1999.

It has also hosted the annual Bislett Games, a golden league athletics event.

It was neglected by the city council for many many years, getting more and more worn down resulting in a serious injury to a Vålerenga fan. The terraces had steel bars to prevent "waves" in the crowd, but they gave in as they celebrated a goal and people started falling forwards towards the steel fence.
The council blamed the fans bechause they were "jumping up and down".

Here are some pics of the old stadium

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The new stadium will have room for 15.000 people, 300 press seats and VIP boxes. Seems like there might actually be less room than before. But more VIP stuff and 8 running tracks. I think it had 6 from before.

Some constriction pics:

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Yeah! What I read now is that they are ahead of schedule! I've written about it in the Oslo developement thread, but this special stadium deserves an own thread. I've lived right by Bislett for half a year, in one of those red buildings leftmost in that airphoto. So the area is sort of special to me.

Here are some more construction images, from this site, if I may :cheers:

June 2004 - Destruction of the old stadium


From the tragic "tram massacre", where a psychic ill person killed one and fatally injuried several other with a knife.

"A city in grief" as the photographer calls it







As you can see, finding a place to find your car centrally in Oslo can be a challenge, lol(This is an add for the trams;))

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The new Bislett stadium will look much more beautiful when its finally completed. :)
I'm glad to see Bislett rising from the ashes. Does anyone know how many seats it will have? From the top of my head I'd say 15'000 or so.
New stadium looks great and somehow has conservative appearance.
I'm afraid that's a pic of the new stadium. Here's a pic that's surely from the old stadium:

And here are some aerial pics of the old stadium:

And for comparision an aerial pic of the new stadium:

Anyway, I wonder if the lower parts of the grandstand are to allow people to see to the stadium from the houses, as obviously people were able to see to the old stadium from those houses. Check the quoted pic and the interior pic of the old stadium. The grandstand's lower part at the last turn is nowadays more to left, as the new running track is more to right. And in the first corner, there obvioulsy used to be lower grandstand, as you can see in the couloured old aerial pic. In the new aerial pic, you can see the grandstand is lower there, too.
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